Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Too many hormones (read emotions) kicking in !!

There were times I remember thinking 'Pregnant women are so lucky. Everything is justified in pregnancy - anger, frustration, depression, a big appetite - you name it and its fair'; not till I became pregnant myself and especially this time round with Vansh demanding a whole lot from me especially in terms of mental and emotional strength. I had a meltdown Sunday night for getting mad at him too often at the slightest provocation. Behaviours which are so natural for him - wanting attention all the time, trying out different ways to do that, acting up when he doesn't get any made me scream at him. He wants to be the one to be talked to when we are doing any talking which means particularly on the weekend when I and Ashwini begin to have any conversation, he begins with his best antics to stop that. Makes me smile when I am calm now and think about all the means that he employs to achieve that - randomly speaking out all the 20 something words in his vocabulary, taking out animal sounds like trrr, meow, bow wow, and if nothing else works screaming on top of his lungs; but its very hard to control myself from getting upset at that time. I know the best way to handle that is to talk to him for a while and engage him in something interesting and carry on and thats what I usually do but like I said pregnancy hormones kick in at times and stop me from thinking and acting reasonably.

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