Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chef Vansh at your service.

Vansh's latest pastime is to try his hands at the various chores in the kitchen, his favourite being mixing up all the ingredients and then beating the eggs for an omelette. He dutifully names 'oh-neons', 'toe-mata' , 'daniya' as he mixes each one and then keenly blends the mixture with the fork. He has always been amazingly observant of the sounds that he is interested in and regards them as signals to dash from any nook or corner of the house, leaving any whatever activity he might be doing to be there at the origin of the sound. Ever since he started crawling at 8 months and was fascinated by the clink clank of the utensils being kept in or out of the dishwasher; howsoever silently I might try to do it in order to avoid the mess he would create once he reached there or when I tiptoed away to open the closet and set clothes in there, he would always manage to reach there to "help me" in his own ways. Till date, he continues to do the same and secretly its such a pleasure to have him around even if I tell him to go away and play on his own :)

Check him out flaunting his cullinary skills preparing 'anda' for all of us.

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