Sunday, April 22, 2007

Its getting tiring!!

Huh!! The past week was a pretty busy one for me in preparing the surprise for Ashwini's birthday - a compilation of wishes/memories from his cousins, friends and colleagues put together in the form of a small book. The weather also finally seems to have stabilised to warm late 60's and early 70's which tempted me to take a walk thrice on Monday itself, the first one to the library and back(almost 45 minutes) to get the printouts of all the wishes; the second with Sarita and the kids Vansh and Arnav (again for about 45 minutes) and the third one when Ashwini returned from office (about 20 minutes or so). I realised by the night that what I had done was not really wise as I had achy legs, swollen feet and an exhausted self on the first day of the week. I couldn't take afternoon naps either because that was one solid chunk of time I got to work on the birthday project :) sans Vansh chipping in with his bit of 'help' :) Anyways the week finally went by with a couple of take-out dinners and another couple take-outs from the freezer.
Ashwini loved the book much appreciating the efforts. A noteworthy thing that happened to take place on his birthday was Vansh's official name change at the Hennepin district court in Downtown Minneapolis. Vansh's name at birth and consequently in all official records till date had been Aditya. However according to Indian custom, he was named Vansh on the 6th day because the letter 'V' was auspicious for him according to our family priest. After 2 years of keeping-on-postponing the procedure of getting it changed, we finally got it done on Apr 19, 2007. It was a novel experience in the courtroom where the judge smiled after asking what sounded funny questions considering Vansh's age - questions like 'Has he been charged with a felony in US'; 'has the natural father been notified' when Ashwini was sitting right next to me. After a strict formal procedure, the order was granted with Vansh ending the proceedings by saying 'Tak you' to the judge and 'bye bye' to all present. And yeah before I forget, the court was a good 20 minute walk (one way) from the garage in which we parked the car.

We celebrated Ashwini's birthday with whatever little energy I had left by Thursday evening. We headed for Chevy's very close to our place but found out that it had unfortunately closed down some time back and settled for Chinese which we didn't particularly relish. After coming back, he cut the cake (chocolate brownie to be precise because thats what my pregnancy cravings fancied that day), pictures of which I am embarrassed to share here because of its utter plainness. I intended to decorate it when I bought it but didn't have the muscle for at any point in the evening.

Vansh is very happy to be going for walks and outings to the park quite often now with the weather FINALLY getting warm after the longest and severest winter!! He was thrilled to be with Arnav in the park on Friday and imitated him and did a lot of climbing and going down slides and running and playing with mud. He has started having a relatively long term memory now and starts saying park or walk as soon as he gets up from his afternoon nap. He also tries to speak about 3 word sentences now, still not fully correct though. He'll say 'Anak (for Arnav) walk आया' and is also starting to use the correct descriptive words for what he wants to do like 'जाना है' or 'चलो'. So gradually verbs are getting different from 'आया' :) to their correct meaning and usage.

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