Monday, February 11, 2008

Tongue tied!

I had written, a few months back, about how Vansh was experimenting with his newly learnt concepts of hot, cold and warm here. He has now taken it a step further cognitively and mentally! This is what one of our conversations sounds like these days -

Vansh: Mummy, paani saath khelna hai. (I want to play with water)

Mummy (considering that he recently recovered from a nasty cough and cold): Its pretty cold right now. You might catch a cold again playing with water. Play with it once the weather fairs out a bit.

Vansh: C says Cold ho jayega. Vansh H says Hot paani se khelga. (I'll catch a C says Cold, Vansh will play with H says Hot water)

Mummy (obviously laughing hard and hence extremely vulnerable to being defied): H says Hot to hot lagega na Vansh ko. (Won't H says Hot water hurt you!)

Vansh: W says Warm se khelga Vansh? (Should I play with W says Warm water?)

Answers anyone??


My Memories said...

good going vansh ..keep it up

Preethi said...

wow.. he is so smart... :)

noon said...

N says noon thinks V for Vansh talks C so cutely and gives H for hug!

GettingThereNow said...

H says HaHa!

And T says Tagged :D

Prats said...

got here from Preethi's blog and must say had a hearty laugh reading this...somehow reminded me of Devdas...with his alphabet vocabulary.
But Vansh sure does take the C se cake :D

Mystic Margarita said...

Hi Neera, bloghopped your way from Sue's. Great blog - will be back to read more. And Vansh is a pretty smart dude! :)

Rohini said...

Wow! That really is very smart. Good going, Vansh...

Neera said...

Deepali: Thanks! He is one big chatterbox these days :) Hope that link helped you some.

Preethi, Rohini: Too smart for mom at times. I shall write a post about that too, soon!

Noon, CK: T says Thanks. Shall get to the tag(s) soon - A to zee and engagement. I am so slow!

Prats: Thanks for dropping by. Do keep visiting. Oh yes! I don't know why I didn't think about that. Ch se chunnilal, ha ha :)

Mystic margarita: Thats a lovely name you have chosen. It'll be great to have you have as a regular :) Shall visit you soon.