Friday, February 15, 2008


Just when I feel that I have climbed up one rung of that tall ladder called patience and mustered up just that extra something to remain calm in situations in which I would have yesterday blown my head off, this is what happens:

Vansh: Mummy, candies khaani hai. (Mom, I want to have candies!)

Mummy: Candies to Sunday ko khaate hain. (We eat candies on Sunday)

(Rather than picking up that battle everyday of when and how many candies, I planned to set aside one day for it.)

Now repeat the above conversation 5 times in the exact same words. Like I said, yesterday I would have given him a lecture, in a good mood, that we eat candies only on Sundays (a longer lecture doesn't work, you see) and a yell, in a bad one, that we eat candies only on Sundays.

6th time now

Vansh: Mummy, candies khaani hai.

Mummy(losing it a bit): Beta mamma ne bola na aapko candies Sunday ko khaate hain. (Mom told you that we eat candies on Sunday)

Vansh (getting there): Mummy, candies khaani hai.


Vansh walks away with a smile of achievement on his face and an expression equivalent of that action he would have done had he been in his pre-teens, where you make a fist in front of your face ..basically this one ...

Whats all that nonsense about kids being emotionally immature and incapable of controlling their emotions! I felt like a total idiot here. My dear (well not so dear this time) little son scored high on EQ.

Time to climb up another rung!

An afternote : Since yesterday, Jiya too seems to have caught on the 'getting angry' thing. She looks at you with eyes squinted and lets out a shrill 'MMMMM' if picked up after a short delay. So now I have 2 kids, saying "Got ya!" in their own wee and not so wee ways, demanding me to get my act straight!!


noon said...

Wow - Neera - how do you manage to get such an appropriate pic for this post! :) Yeah, sometimes you feel like the sole purpose of their bugggging us about one thing or the other is not the object but just to push our buttons...sometimes cute but mostly infuriating!
Did you read this article "Caveman in the crib" in NYT?

Preethi said...

Thats so cute!!! :) hahaha!! Vansh does have you wrapped around his little finger!! Unfortunately Nantu and I have a sweet tooth :P

noon said...

neer - tag done

Neera said...

noon: Guess what I put in Google images ..YES!! That was what crossed my mind looking at that expression and body language Vansh had the other day ..hmmpphh!!!
The article was pretty interesting, I am definitely trying the -You want candies (repeating 20 times) part next time!
Preethi: Tell me more. So you give him a fixed number after every meal if he finishes it. I am re-considering this rule.

Thinking aloud said...

aww..poor i dare say...the worst is yet to come...!! :)

Prats said...

Remember its them testing us...Thats how I always convince myself...but now my vocal chords have been through thorough training...and can shriek through any situations.....heheh
stunning them