Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out of the blue!

I just googled my full name on google (oh boy! Look at the things I am writing!!) and guess what I am in for! This!!

Oh boy!! I had just submitted this picture for the I SPY Little India contest and absolutely forgotten about it. And it just so happened that our subscription to Little India expired in December and I thought I'll renew it after our vacation to India (to happen soon). So we didn't get the January issue and hese guys didn't even notify me. I have written to them telling them how hurt I am (no one told me :( :( ) and I want that $50.

But happy at the same time! Ok now let me send this to all family and friends!

A screen shot for posterity after the link expires :

I SPY Little India: Jan 2008

I SPY Little India: Jan 2008

Guess who I have for babysitting when mom's busy ... my grandpa in India. Neera Hemrajani. Eden Prairie, Minn., is this month's iSpy winner.

Send us your photos capturing an interesting or intriguing aspect of Indian life in America and win $30
Contest Has Expired. Please Go To Current Contest From Home Page Of Little India.


Making Memories said...

wow neera...congratulations.... u r on google now...i too googled ur name and found this and much more...great...enjoy

Making Memories said...

i rated the picture at the website as well

Preethi said...

Congratulations.. and hey you changed the profile pic.. looking good!!

~nm said...

Wow! you must be so ecstatic!!

it actually is such a wonderful pic!!

Thinking aloud said...

hey ..this was very cute indeed!...and congrats!!!

and u looking fantastic in the profile pic..:D