Monday, August 17, 2009

Meal Times

...just got a tad bit easier these days. I keep my fingers and toes tightly crossed as I type this. Handing Vansh a worksheet he picks himself to work on - ranging from coloring to pre-reading, pre-math, mazes, basic crosswords has him busy working on those as I put in one morsel after another in his mouth.

The plus - he stays put and works.

The thrill - he is READING and doing a good job at it.

The bonus - Jiya wants to do the same and stays put for her meal too.

Sometimes you seem to have hit the JACKPOT while parenting!!! Amen to more such times!

Watch the video to get jealous if you have kids who run away when you try to feed them and just for fun if you are in the other minority category.

And tell me what are your tricks?


Monika,Ansh said...

My saviour is either the TV or the puzzle. Hey, when will these kids learn to eat on their own? Mine is 5 & till is fed by Mumma's hand.

The video is adorable :)

Suma said...

what a were at my blog when i'm here at yours :)

delightful video..what was the first espression for? what was he eating/licking? :)

and yes, it's a pleasure when the kids eat without a this case a win-win for everyone :)

Neera said...

Monika : Oh God! tell me the answer to that question when you find it!

Suma: i like the coincidence :) he likes to have cucumber with lemon and chat masala in it and likes to drink the lemon masala remains inspite of these expressions each time.

Monika said...

lovely lovely video i am watching this space for tips because the book art or TV doesnt work in my case :(

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why he made the face when he ate :)

Love hearing the hindi!

PS: Mine are pretty good abt staying put and eating.One of the things I have done to make them self feed is if we have rotis is cut them up into triangle pieces and they dip into sabzi/raita and eat themselves. My inlaws thought I was crazy when I asked for a scissors in India

Preethi said...

Hey Cheeky is reading too.. what pleasure it is right to hear your kids read to you?!!

Preethi said...

Also loved his expression in the beginning of the video.. katta hein??

Neera said...

Monika: :( Ojas is too young for anything to hold his attention long enough, I think. I have been there - still have that problem with Jiya who turned two last month. I like asaaan's idea thpugh of cutting up roti in diff shapes. Also have u tried feeding him while letting him play with water - small cups and spoons - messy but works like a charm for jiya.

asaaan: I tried that today and it worked :) Thank u. The only other person present when I was cutting up the roti with scissors was our servant and he was looking at me as if I was crazy :) I can imagine ur in-laws reaction.

Preethi: Delightful indeed! :) What are the beginning books u r getting for Cheeky?

Sumana said...

Lol was nice to read. Will come back to see the video. Good for you. Neera i warn, it will only be a few days before you would have to think of new ideas. These days the little ones watched thomas/wiggles/barney on youtube and gulps down food. Boys cars and balls how well they go together. Elder one watches krishna but still a fussy eater. Glad he has started to read.

dipali said...

This was such fun!
Lovely hearing you talk to the kids.

Jiya seems very grown up now:)
And Vansh is reading:- super cool!!!!

Trish said...

OMG!!Supercool!!The video is sooo fun :)When you come up with something for Jia..lemme know..:D
Coz right now we are in the white rice or dahi rice phase here!
BTW,hop over on my new blog when you can :)

Neera said...

Sumana : You are right! Good things only last for a few days :)

Dipali : Thank you dear :)

Trish : Ha ha ...same story everywhere ..I don't know what's with the white rice. I just have to distract Jiya a lot - give her things like pots and pans and water to spill everywhere - she has such a gala time playing with those that she doesn't realize what's going in her mouth. At times, as soon as she realizes, out it comes :( Hopping over to ur space right away :)

Nagesh.MVS said...

ovely lovely video i am watching this space for tips because the book art or TV doesn't work in my case :(

Work From Home

rahul said...

very good video, thanks for posting i gonna watch this with our family.

ABCD Mom said...

How is it that Caucasian children not only feed themselves BEFORE one year of age but actually ASK for food as soon as they can talk? Why do Indian children dislike eating and have to be distracted to eat while Caucasian children say "Mamma, I'm hungry!" every hour? Is it genetic or upbringing? Do Desi Ammas transmit food anxiety on to their kids?