Monday, August 10, 2009

Four years and counting

These are some of Vansh's thoughts on 'growing big', something he is currently obsessed with and talks about a lot -

- Mamma, you know I am going to be 5 years soon (7 months is soon enough, no), then I'll be 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, then 10, then 11, then 40, then 80, then 90 to 100 to 40 to 69 to 500. For once I thank God he doesn't know his counting well enough to say all the numbers till 100 in the correct order.

- When I grow bigger than you, then I will scold you.

- When will I become bigger than you? Then will I be bigger than papa also? And goes on to ask the same question about all the other members of the family including Jiya. And I'll be bigger than Jiya also?When I ask him 'But aren't you already bigger than Jiya?' , he has that part amused and part embarassed expression on his face at having asked a silly question which he voices with an "Oh!" :)

- Mamma, jab aap aur bade ho jaaoge na, tab aap doctor banoge, pata hai! (Mamma, when you grow up even more, you'll become a doctor, you know!)

Ok?! But I was a teacher you know and that's what I'll be when I return to work.

Nahin jab aap aur bade ho jaoge, tab bol raha hoon! (No when you grow up even more, then you will be a doctor).

As for hiw own career plans, they oscillate between a Metro Train Construction Engineer to a doctor depending on where he went that particular day.


Sumana said...

Sweet, the innocence that is filled in their talks. My girl starts to talk about what clips to wear and what sandals she could wear after she grows big. One thing good is they know what they want to do or be.

Preethi said...

Metro train construction engineer is so cool!! So what will you be when you grow up?? Me I will be younger!! :)

Swati said...

thats such a cute post :)

dipali said...

This is lovely! I still remember how hugely frustrated I was as a child when I realised that my sister would always be older than I was. It was most heartbreaking!

Suma said...

metro train construction engineer? that's cool!

i see my younger boy quite fascinated by age and growing big

cute post, neera...

Anupama said...

"growing up' seems to fascinate my 4 tear old too. He imagines it to be a sort of fairytale world where he can just do what he pleases
ps: ..would be honoured if you check out my space

noon said...

As always I am going to copy paste this post for KB! :) He constantly talks about becoming big. Man I shd write all these in a post. I will attempt to this week! But I enjoy these posts from you a lot! I relate to it so much.

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww.... reminds me of Ansh when he used to say that if I eat well I'll grow till the fan.

Neera said...

Sumana: That's cute :) U r so right when u say they already know what they want and what they don't.

Preethi : ha ha ...ditto ;)

Swati: Thanks :)

Dipali: Really, wow! I now know what to expect from Jiya when she starts understanding age.

Suma: Oh yeah, he even said that he'll construct a metro line from his home to the airport. Someone got that idea before him much to his disappointment :) The express airport metro line is under construction.

Anupama: 4 year olds have such vivid imagination, no?!

Noonoo : :) Shall look forward to KB and now even KG talks :)

Monika: I remember saying that myself too :)

Nagesh.MVS said...

Cute post.
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