Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heard yesterday ...

... as I entered the room after brushing my teeth and changing into my night dress, both the siblings lying down on the same pillow face to face with a smile and deep in conversation

Vansh - Jiya kaunsi kahaani sunaoon? (Jiya which story should I tell you?)

Jiya - aaannnn ..Giaff wali (aannn ..the Giaff one)

Vansh - Giraffe waali nahin aati (I don't know the Giraffe one)

Jiya - aaaannnn ...Monkey waali (annn ..the monkey one)

Vansh - monkey waali bhi nahin aati (I don't know that either)

Jiya - phir kaunsi aati hai (which one do you know then?) (this is where my jaw started to drop, she actually has the logic and the righht words to express that??!! when? where? how?)

Vansh - accha main monkey or metro train waali sunata hoon (Ok I'll tell you the monkey and metro train one) (oh yeah, you just have to meet Vansh for 5 minutes to realize thathe's obsessed with metro trains.)

And he then goes on to narrate a 2 line story where the monkey first boards the train to Ambience mall and then after having fun there boards it again to City Square mall. And is met with generous doses of boisterous emphatic laughter from the captive audience who can never awe her brother enough.


Tharini said...

How cute is that!!!!!

She's only 2 and she said that???? Wow. Highly progressed! Can imagine the delight it must have been to listen to a conv. like that!

Kusum Sharma said...

Hi Neera,

It looks like i also have the same story wala seen. I have two sons of 7 and 2 years old. Every night at 10:30 pm we have the same seen at home. The chota wala calls story (tory ) and the bada wala also use to call it tory when he was small. Both have to listen to a story everyday. the chota wala will tell me by interrupting me while i am telling them as story --- now i will tell you a story and goes on and on with his two sentences - ek jungle ha. usmey tiger ha. arjun gol gol ghomaya aur phaik deya. whatever its so nice to be with your kids.

Swaram said...

How sweet :)

noon said...

Hey Neera - such a cute scene! KG follows around what ever KB does but she has never asked him to tell her a story. To even understand and ask that much - she is really advanced! :) Just too cute their interactions!

Anonymous said...

Awww.. doesnt it just melt your heart to see the siblings interact with so much love.
And what a smart 2 yr old!

PG said...

coming here after a long time. What a cute conversation and yes, I can imagine, to say that at 2 was surely a jaw dropping experience for you :D
I love that picture of the kids!

Preethi said...

that was so adorable!!

Suma said...

awwww....i just love that picture...and what a delightful conversation to eavesdrop to :)

Swati said...

wow ..thats sooooo cute ..and the story is cute tooo :)

dipali said...

Too cute!

Monika,Ansh said... cute.
Good goind Neera. We need more posts from u. IT's been such a while :)

Nagesh.MVS said...

How cute is that!!!
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