Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Magnificiently colorful indeed!

September-October in Minnesota is incomplete without a post about the beautiful fall we have been fortunate to experience for 3 years here. The fiery reds, zesty oranges, the bright sunny yellows and golds are one of the most beautiful sights from the huge bounty that mother nature has to offer. And this year the colors are the best that we have seen in the last few years. Anywhere you go, you are literally swept off your feet by the colorful extravagance that surrounds you. I see more of yellows and gold which till last year, in my mind, tended to become a little monotonous than a variety of red and orange and even purple but this year even the yellows and the golds are so stunningly breathtaking and not the least bit humdrum.

Minnesota fall color reports finds a regular and esteemed place in the Bookmarks toolbar so that its just one click away and keeps telling us where to head to view the best fall colors. So a couple of weeks back we headed to Banning State Park which is a couple of hours drive from home and took off on Quarry Trail.

There weren't the best of colors there but just being in the midst of the towering trees with sunshine shining through on the carpet of red, yellow and brown leaves that adorned the ground was heavenly. We loved walking as did the kids. It was a treat watching them pick up branches, throw leaves on top of each other and on us and then giggle,
sit on fallen trees,
shout "I love you" in the silence and then hear it echo back.
In the end even the 2 mile long trail left us rejuvenated rather than tired. And thus came to an end a Saturday beautifully spent.


Monika said...

wow!!! a saturday surely well spent

Mama - Mia said...

beautiful beautiful all over! :)

the trees,leaves, colours and gorgeous people!

to many such saturdays! :)



Preethi said...

Aah fall.. I love this time of the year!!

PG said...

wonderful! even we went for a walk which was similar to yours except that we just had one child who enjoyed the about 3 kms of walk in the forest. It was very enjoyable and rejuvinating as you said. WE need to take such walks more often.

Suma said...

oh..that sounded like a heavenly saturday! the colors are gorgeous...

Mystic Margarita said...

That sure was a lovely Saturday! Beautiful pics! :) And a belated happy Diwali to you and your wonderful family! :)

Swati said...

Wow ..what pics..lovely!