Thursday, August 28, 2008

Because ...

Some time back I overheard a pre-teens' conversation and learnt that a convenient answer to any why question, gaining extremely quick personality, is "because". Plain and convenient, indeed! It probably means that you don't really know the reason behind the why or probably are just feeling lazy to reason with the converser and so just answer "because". Little did I know that my 3 year old son would catch up so soon with the latest talk in town! So these are a few examples of short and not so sweet conversations in our household.

I want not to eat apple!
Me: Why?

I want not to do nai-nai (take a bath)
me: Why?

Convenient indeed! Now mommy tried to pull the same card in an attempt to give the little master a taste of his own medicine.

Me: Vansh you sleep now, I'll sleep after some time.
Vansh: Why?
Me: Because *beaming that I have hit the nail on the head*
Vansh: Because what?
Me: errr ...because ...err ....


Making Memories said...

its the same here Neera...whenever i ask him a 'why' , he goes 'isliye' ....thats it...sometimes its really annoying..and u cant get thru trying to give them a taste of their own medicine...cause then another question comes my way 'kisliye'

Neera said...

Deepali: *sigh*!!

noon said...

hey Neer - hvnt' read this post yet. Just popped in to say you hv been awarded.

Suma said...


mummy dear, u can't play the same game...that's solely vansh's style


Preethi said...

hehe.. he has caught up!! Now change tactics
By the way Something for you at my blog.. come see

Anonymous said...

My almost 4 yr old does this. Not only that, my youngest who is not even 2 yet, says COZ.

PG said...

ha ha ha! that was too funny! Children these days leave you speechless.
BTW, Thanks a lot for the award! You've made My day for sure. Will come back to it soon. :)

Neera said...

noon: Tahnks again dear :)

suma: you bet!

preethi: hmmfff!! thanks again for the award :)

asaaan: OMG!! As always the younger ones have an advantage of elder siblings being there to show them the 'right' path, no?!
Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog, albeit very briefly and have to tell you that you are so brave to have 4 children :) Shall drop by again.

pg: my knot is ur amusement, no fair!! :)

Gauri said...

:D Kids nowadays, I tell ya :) Very difficult to get one past them !!

Rohini said...

In our world, the answer to such questions is 'Like that only'