Monday, August 18, 2008

Indian Independence day celebrations

This time the Indian community at our apartment complex, which has grown to be quite sizable in number, decided to celebrate Indian Independence Day. It all started with one of our friends taking the initiative a little over 3 weeks back, formation of a yahoo group and adding friends and friends of friends, putting up a few fliers in the apartment buildings and then there was no looking back after that.

The famous quote by Majrooh Sultanpuri would be most apt here:
Main akela hi chala tha janibe manzil magar/Log aate gaye aur karvan banta gaya.
Bit by bit, one volunteer after another decided to contribute their time and effort for the same, adding one program after another in the list and the whole evening turned out to be an enchanting mesmerizing memorable event.

There was a fancy dress titled 'National Integration' where the children represented some freedom fighters and the various states of India. It was a scintillating program with some of the costumes being absolutely stunning and inviting loud wow's from the gathered crowd.

There were some speeches by the visiting parents of some of the residents and it was good to hear about the independence or the flag or those times by someone from whom it was just like yesterday. Solo performances by some of the amazingly confident little ones were a treat as well. A 5 year old boy dressed as a soldier sang "Nanha munha rahi hoon" amidst cheers and claps.

Both the dances, one by the little girls and the second one by the ladies were show stealers, requests for "once more' were received and gladly accepted for both :)

There were a couple of songs "Saare jahaan se accha" and "Jayastute shri maha mangale" sung by some of our lady friends and "Vande Matram" and "Jan Gana Mana" sung by the children beautifully.

There was also a small quiz on freedom fighters hosted by another resident friend.

It was a big hit. We were thrilled to bits after the hard work put in. Our yahoo group has been flooded with congratulatory messages and pictures being shared by everyone. Some of the comments we later came accross were

- We were aware that the ladies are doing something about Independence day. We never expected it to be such a big and well organised event.

- It was really carried out in an almost professional way.

- An elderly parent of a resident told us - I am not sure whether my son and his family would be here next year but you please infrom me about this program and I'll make it a point to be here.

I shall let the pictures do rest of the talking.


~nm said...

Wonderful pics and wonderful celebrations! Next year hopefully you shall be celebrating it here in India! :D

Making Memories said...

just awesome...congrats neera...i guess u were also hosting the event...share the videos if possible...who was the coreographer for ladies and girls dances and what songs were chosen for these dances...God, m flooding u with questions....but it simply seems superb

Suma said...

that seems very well organised...isn't it nice when you see national integration in the true sense? everyone doing their lil bit and the program seems such a great success...


Neera said...

~nm: Ameen :)

Deepali: How do u know I was hosting it? Videos department Ashwini looks after ..I am challenged in using and offloading from handycam don't expect in near future :)
KIds danced on "YEh desh hai veer jawanon ka" and ladies on "Des Rangila" from Fanaa. Choreography - a mish mash of some videos on youtube :) Thanks for ur inquisitiveness, I'll take that as support and a compliment.

suma: absolutely and to continue that tomorrow we have a potluck lunch starting with the main organizers consisting of all regional specialties and what to do next to decide over the lunch :)

dipali said...

Lovely, Neera- a big Jai Hind to you and all those who made I-day such a wonderful occasion. Great!

Neera said...

dipali: Thanks Dipali ur account of how the I-day celebrations outside ur parents' house turned out to be a nuisance and was wondering whether those not involved were feeling that way too from inside their houses :) We were not that loud though as people over there don't think twice about being.