Thursday, July 24, 2008

Woolly Sheep

We did a fun simple craft last evening and made a pair of woolly sheep. The best part was we didn't need any fancy supplies, we simply raided our bathroom cabinet and got ready for the fun.

We used:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • cotton buds
  • tape
  • cotton wool balls
  • glue
  • tissue paper
  • black marker
  • cheerios
We proceeded as follows :

1. We taped the cotton buds on the cardboard rolls to make legs.

2. I poured some white glue into a shallow dish. Then we dipped the cotton wool balls into the glue and stuck them all around the cardboard roll.

3. Next we scrunched up some tissue paper/kitchen towel and stuffed it into one end of the roll to make the head.

4. I had some black paper lying there, so I made small eyes out of it since Vansh was enjoying sticking with glue. You could also use a black marker like I did for the mouth.

5. Vansh smiled proudly, mighty pleased with his latest creation.

6. I wondered what to do about the horns until it struck me to use the cheerios the kids were snacking on. Now the couple of sheep, the sturdy standing one and the lazy lying down one, adorn our TV set :)


Mystic Margarita said...

Hey! That's so cool - and very creative. Love the fact that the supplies are all to be found at home. Great project - the sheep turned out real nice.

Making Memories said...

Good job Vansh....really nice idea Neer....will try out straightaway...thanks...btw r u the inventor ? must say really clever and creative.

Suma said...

vansh looks happy...this is also such a nice mother son bonding time...i notice jiya in teh did she let you both in peace?


Neera said...

margarita: I know that was the best part. I keep procrastinating many a times because of unavailability of supplies but these were all there!

deepali: No no,am not so creative :) I get a weekly e-mail from a kids' craft site and some of the ideas there are nice and simple. Let me know how ur and Moon's sheep turn out.

suma: Oh yes ..forgot to mention both things ..Vansh is so happy when I spend time with him doing something and Jiya ..she played with the cotton for a bit, ate some cheerios, put them in the upright cardboard rolls after I showed her apart from shouting away of course.

Monika,Ansh said... cute & so simple. I'll it with Ansh too

Trish said...

Wowww your sheep look awesome!!And Vansh's stories are cool too.. non-stop chatterbo hmm?

Neera said...

monica,ansh: U must and let me know how the activity turns out. Its a nice quick activity for kids who don't like to sot too long for one.

trish: thankooo :) I wouldn't call him anon-stop chatterbox because I wish he would talk more about the things he does but yeah when he is at it he has a lot of angles to add to a particular story :)

~nm said...

Simply Awesome! I'm gonna make this with Betu soon!

PG said...

lovely! such a good idea.

Neera said...

~nm: and he'll do a swell job at it :)

pg: Thanks :)

pumpkins mom said...

cool idea!

Monika said...

cho chweet

Preethi said...

looks absolutely awesome..I will try this one