Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Updates after a long time - Part II - Verbal

Now for the most fun of all, the verbal updates.

- The sentences come out much more coherent now. He is a careful speaker though - doesn't speak too fast. One can see the effort put in to get out the sentence right. An inconsequential slip makes him leave the sentence mid way and start afresh or repeat the whole sentence with the mistake corrected. Having said that, he is not aware of many a slips himself and continues to amuse us immensely with those.

" Mere ka green glass hai."

" Yeh sab logons ke gharrrrs hain." (The plural of any word merits an 's' right!! :) And Oh the American twirl to the r is unmistakable!)

"Mere ko bahut accha nahin lag raha hai!" (He doesn't know the word ganda or kharab, I guess)

"I want not water. I want juice."

- He weaves stories now. And the tricky part is it doesn't begin like a story and in fact the whole of it is not really a story, there's reality in it too. So while he starts telling me something about his summer camp ... Incidentally while I am at it, allow me to digress. I never get to learn about how his day was or what he did or ate or played when I go to pick him up. Only when an incident takes place that is in some way similar to something that might have happened at summer camp as well or he is doing something that he had done there as well do I get to know about it. Bits and pieces is what I get. For instance, he begins to roar and declare "I am a MONSTER!!" and then tells me giggly as ever "Vansh and Mohit were roaring at the teacher" Which teacher I ask. He thinks for a moment and "That teacher!" comes the reply. Anyways back to weaving stories. So the other day he started telling me about an incident that apparently happened at summer camp.

Aaj Puru nahin aaya. (Puru didn't come today.) (making a sad face)

Koi baat nahin. Aapke aur friends to aaye the na. (But your other friends were there, no!)

Usko kal owie aa gayi thi. (He got hurt yesterday.)

Kahaan pe? (Where?)

Park mein. Woh park mein gir gaya tha. Phir uska tyre burst ho gaya tha. Phir bdoom bdaam boom ho gaya tha. (He fell in the park. Then his tyre burst. and then went bdoom bdaam boom!!)

Uska tyre kaise burst ho sakta hai Vanshi? (How can his tyre burst Vanshi?)

(thinks for a while) Aaj Puru nahin aaya tha. (excitedly) Vansh ne Puru ke saath masti kiya tha aaj! (Giggles) (Puru didn't come today. Vansh acted silly with Puru)

Par Puru to aaya nahin tha? (But Puru didn't come, right?)

Aaya tha! Usne Vansh ko maara tha phir Vansh ne usko maar diya tha!! (He came! He hit Vansh and then Vansh hit him)

Even though I do go on to explain to him ho to handle hitting et al but my mind is reeling as to which part is reality and which is the story apart from the tyre bursting part clearly being the story.

As I read through the last update post, I realized that the following conversation STILL takes place in our house even after 8 months!!!

Papa, office aa gaye?
Haan beta
Car park kiya?
Haanji kiya
Ashutosh uncle ke saath red/white car mein gaye the
Haanji, Ashutosh uncle ke saath gaya tha

Some things never change!!

And he is so much in awe of Ashutosh uncle that he pretends that he himself is papa and any other friend or even Jiya is pretend A uncle and they are pretending to go to office in a pretend car which can be the sofa or the dining table chairs or the car carts at the supermarket.

- Even though the fascination with cars and trucks and all moving things continue, he's taken it a step further as he now tries to fix the car when its tire bursts or when it needs an oil change. He uses his tools to also fix his fire truck bed after pronouncing that "Its not working!" He continues to surprise moms and dads of his friends by pointing out Lexus, Mitsubishis and Mazdas as they pass by. 'Contible' (read convertible) is his latest fancy. I am wondering whether he too will come up with Nantu's brilliant idea of breaking the roof to have one of his own :)


Suma said...

awww...he's so cute...

as for talking about school or his day, it's going to be like that for a while...swarn still doesnot tell me everything...but it comes slowly when he is doing something else...

and i love it when tehy roll their r's...my sis's kids (from boston) too do it and we love it...

Making Memories said...

aww....he's so cute...same thing happens here, except for the rolling rrrrs, rather rrrrs r hardly audible in words like 'for' 'ever' ...u know na typical brit accent. Moon keeps surprising me by recognising the cars make like merci, mazda, audi etc, teaches me by saying, "mumma tumhe kuch nahi pata, mai sikha doonga"... when we r out for a stroll, he will look in all possible directions for cars and names them. same goes for making up stories and confusing me by changing his own statement and telling the incidents at school randomly, sometimes weeks later. it wud be fun to get both these guys have a voice chat on yahoo. buzz me when u want.


noon said...

Neer - I kept checking for updates and I don't check for a few days and then I see two posts! Nice to read about Vansh! Very cute his imaginative stories! You should ask him for one every day and record it somehow...will be fun. And the car craze - even KB has it...

~nm said...

I had such a laugh reading all this! He seems such a sweet lil baby!

I'm so hoping to meet you all once you come to Delhi! I know its still a long time but can't help it :D

Neera said...

suma: Its a boys thing, I hear?! It is rather funny to keep hearing the rolling r's all arrrround :)

deepali: Ha ha ha ...our kids' accents will sure be made fun of when we go to India. Vansh finishes summer camp on Aug 8th - then letting both of them voice chat is a great idea!

noonoo: That is a good idea except that everyday when I ask him what did u do at summer camp today, he says "played!" what? he replies "in the park" and the same answers everyday. But whenever he does come up with stories I'll record them :)
Come to Minnesota so both the boys can meet. I am so sure they'll complement each others' personalities really well.

~nm: Ditto for every word ~nm!! And I am sure both he and Anirudh will bring down the house with their awesome Hindi conversations :)