Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday little one ...

.... from all of us with all our love :) Thank you for bringing the joys, the laughs, the abundant happiness and sunshine in our home; for being the cuddly little bundle that you are; for brightening up our days with that radiant smile; for the musical blabbering that lifts up tiring spirits; for the gentle touches and the sloppy kisses. You are adorable for reasons more than one!

Today we celebrate you as you turn one! "So soon" is all I can say. So many times I told you in your ear to just stay the way you are, little enough to fit in my arms. You didn't pay any heed! Well that's just the beginning, I know :)

We thank God for a happy and healthy child, for watching over her and showering her with blessings this past year. We pray to Him to do that forever - shower you with the best of health, many many joys and much good luck throughout your life. May you give as well as receive bountiful love just the way you do today.

I did a post on updates less than a month back. There are a few fun additions though -

- Not much has changed except that the shouts have gotten louder as have the laughs. You are so eager to join in the jokes complete with claps et al. The smiles have gotten more infectious, the twinkle in the eys more pronounced and the naughty gleam even more unmistakable.

- Tantrums are coming big time now but they are more funny than anything else. The way you pound that little palm on your booster seat table and let out a loud 'aaaa' when I take away that sipper cup you have thrown to the ground at least 5 times, we can't help but smile. And who taught you to hit your head against the floor when I am unable to pick you that very instant that you demand to be picked.

- You so love to be cuddled and kissed, don't you. Every few minutes while playing around, you come to do just that, climb into each of my lap and papa's, quickly throw in your cheek and your whole body at us and just as quickly climb out to move on.
- This one's my favorite. The last few days as we have been building up the tempo for your birthday and as we ask you "Jiya kitne years ki hone wali hai", you raise your index finger and say in an incredibly peppy tone "unnnn" for 'one'. Adorelicious!!!

- Oh and do you know how you are known and in fact quite popularly among American friends? That cute little girl with those anklets referring to your 'payal' and you are making me famous too in the process as the mom of that cute little girl with those anklets :)

Happy Birthday darling Jiya!!

A few more pictures from not too long ago.


noon said... cute- that she says one! Didn't even remotely think of telling KB that - that she is one! :)
Happy birthday Jiya!!!
Lovely family!
Payal not seen in the photos right?
Love to the birthday girl! And her dear brother!

~nm said...

Happy Birthday lil girl!

Neera, she is just adorable!!

Mystic Margarita said...

OMG! Jiya is already one! Happy Birthday, little angel, and here's to many more long, happy, and fun-filled years ahead! :)

Making Memories said...

cant believe Jiya is one already....Wish u a very happy birthday Jiya...loads of love and a kiss on her forehead...m getting to Vansh

Neera said...

noonoo : Thanks so much for ur wishes and ur love :) If you look closely, you'll be able to see her payal in the picture where I am holding her.

~nm: Thank you dear :)

margarita: I know all those cliches about time flying come so true with kids around! Thanks so much for ur wishes!

deepali: Thank u very much for ur love and kisses :) You are so sweet.

ddmom said...

Happy Birthday Jiya! You look absolutely adorable.
Wishing you many many years of happiness and fun ahead.

jasheena said...

happy bthday lovely jiya...u r so adorable...all the pics r too cute...

bird's eye view said...

such cute pics of your kids...going by pix they look like you. just a brief drop in today. will be back when work lets up

Neera said...

ddmom: thanks a ton for ur loving wishes ddmom.

jasheena: thanks so much Jasheena.

bev: Welcome here bev. We get so many mixed comments about both our kids and friends, more than few have said that I and my husband look like each other :)

Suma said...

cute pics of an even cuter baby...

happy birthday dear jiya!!keep regaling us with your antics and tiring mom out...:D

time flies and how!! neera, congratulations...and love to vansh...

PG said...

Happy Birthday Jiya! (bettre a bit late than never!) :) May God bless you!
A beautiful post, Neera. The pictures are lovely! She is just adorable. How I would love to have a Jiya too. :)

dipali said...

Happy Birthday, adorable Jiya!

Swati said...

Happy Birthday from all of us as well to the birthday girl :)

Preethi said...

adorable!! Happy birthday Jiya

pumpkins mom said...

Belated Happy Birthday Jiya!! Here's to many many more filled with all the wonderful things in life!
Sorry for the late wishes, haven't logged in, in quite a while. Beautiful pictures! Love the puzzle look in the header how did you do it?

Suma said...

phew!!! finally did the tag...come and have alook...:D

Neera said...

suma: Thanks so much for the lovely wishes :) Speaking of tiring mom out, she's leaving no stone unturned ..phew!! Thanks for doing the tag!

pg: Thanks a bunch :) and much good luck ...amen!! May God grant ur wish :)

dipali: Thank u dear!

swati: thanks for the wishes and the love :)

preethi: thank u preethi :)

pumpkin's mom: thanks so much dear for the loving wishes :) here's the link to the website where u can upload any picture and it converts it into a jigsaw puzzle. enjoy!!

cyclopseven said...

So cute and adorable little thing. I wish I look her. Alas! I lost the battle against time :))

Anonymous said...

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Happy b'day cutie...:)
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WhatsInAName said...

Came to your blog the first time. Lovely posts all of them.
My belated wishes and blessings to the young one. Give her a big hug from my side :)

Neera said...

cyclopseven: Thanks for dropping by and ur sweet words :) I too wish we could have baby soft skin and features forever ..sigh!!

Mayur: Thank u :)

whatsinaname: Thanks for dropping by and ur kind wishes :) Hope to see more of u at our place :)

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