Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Okay, so hers's the scoop ...Part I

... Vansh turned 3 on March 16, Jiya turned 10 months on May 3 and so their milestones along with a lot of other things that I keep taking mental notes of, to record for posterity, keep whizzing past in my brain at all times. However we are still in a settling down mode. Even though the jetlag went away incredibly fast in 2 days, we are not just fighting the body clock here. Jiya's separation anxiety is acute which translates to me not being able to do much while she is awake. The upside is I am spending a lot of time with the kids having fun. The downside is chores are accumulating and there's no time left for blogging. And it (separation anxiety) also strikes during sleep times. For instance I spent the better part of an hour last night lying down with Jiya to put her to sleep. And when she finally did at 11'o clock, the kitchen was yet to be cleaned and the clothes to be transferred from the machine to the drier (not to mention that the drier is offloaded of the previous load of laundry when the next load is ready to be loaded). She is also having a pretty nasty bout of cough which is bothering her during sleep. Honey mixed with ginger juice always helps Vansh immensely but since Jiya is not a year old as yet, honey is not an option for her. I wonder what to do except apply some Vicks, some desi ghee mixed with salt on her tonsils from the outside and some homeopathic medicine. Nothing seems to be helping much. I would highly appreciate if you have some effective remedies. Vansh is going through an extremely defiant and attention seeking phase right now demanding a lot of patience and of course attention on our parts. Our joke is he is still demanding attention worth 5 people (grandparents, et al) when all there's left now is 2. Things are surely and steadily brightening up though (a post on whats working and whats not soon). I always find articles on babycenter.com brilliant for their practical, common sense advice.

Anyways, so I thought I would sit and pen down the random thoughts in my head right now while both the kids nap together, another rare occurrence these days. Jiya is too excited playing around with Vansh in the mornings to go down for her morning nap. As a result she falls asleep around 12:00 and wakes up anywhere between 1:30 and 2:00 when Vansh is ready or has just gone down for his nap. Bummer!

One of the things that I intended to write about was the kids' temperament and interaction with friends and family while we were in India. Both of them had loads of fun in their own ways. Jiya was very very outgoing and friendly with one and all. She sure was a charmer with her instant toothless (well almost) grins and gestures like resting her head on the shoulder of the person who was holding her.

..Gotta go, more coming up in Part II , soon I hope!


PG said...

I wish I could give you some tips regarding Jiya's cough. You know it better than me. Couldn't you try ginger juice with sugar or crushed 'gud' instead of honey. Basically so that it tastes good. As I know ginger is supposed to be good for the throat.
I know, it must be a tough time for you right now. Whenever I am stressede out like this, I try to think how it is going to be in five years time. I know, then we will have new parenting challenges, but it is going to be different still.
And here is something to cheer you up hopefully!:

PG said...

that's so sweet with Jiya putting her head on the shoulder!

noon said...

Neera! Waiting for part II!
And don't tell me - if KG starts this whole sep anxiety thing - OMG I would just collapse! As it is I am unable to do much when she is awake!

Neera said...

pg : Thanks so much for the tip about mixing ginger with gur/sugar - didn't need to use it this time (she got better by the time I read this) but shall keep it in mind for next time. And once again thanks for the award :) After 5 years ..one of our friends' jokes ki kabhi project mein kharaab time chal raha hota hai to u take consolation in the fact that it'll get over soon, with ur kids woh consolation bhi nahin hai - they are here to stay :)

noonoo : Jiya is getting better and learning to busy herself with toys and stuff. No KG updates for a long time? Wassup?