Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mummy white car mein chalein?

Papa white car mein jaate hain? Kabhi kabhi red car mein jaate hain?

Ashutosh uncle red car mein jaate hain? Mohit silver car mein jaata hai? Pranay black car mein jaata hai?

Hum green car mein chalein? Okay! Vansh green car mein ja raha hai. Keys le li mamma?

Vansh is talking about cars A-L-L D-A-Y L-O-N-G !!! No exaggerations !! 'He is obsessed' sounds like an understatement. He wants to drive a car, that not possible he wants to sit on the driver's seat and pretend to drive. He even goes to the extent of saying that we go inside the store to shop while he'll sit there doing that. Not satisfied with the time for which he can do that, he pretends his plates, lids of boxes, forget all the round things, even the books are imagined to be steering wheels. He insists on letting him open the car door with the keys, he takes his toy keys (well actually Jiya's baby keys) and just tries to fit them in the wall pretending them to be car doors.

He keeps thinking about the same things for 15 minutes at a stretch at times. I know that because just yesterday after he had his lunch and was in one of his deep thinking sessions, I asked him what he was thinking about. He said "Vansh ne galti se car ka darwaaza band kar diya tha." (Vansh had closed the car's door by mistake.) I assumed he must have done that just a little while back when he had gone outside with his dad to look at him while he did a little paint job on it. And I simply said Okay! He repeated the same sentence 4-5 times before Ashwini took him inside to lay him down for his afternoon nap. I went inside the room after no less than 12-14 minutes, he was still laying awake, still in the 'deep thinking' mode and he repeated the same sentence
"Vansh ne galti se car ka darwaaza band kar diya tha." when he saw me. This to me is surprising. I didn't imagine before this that kids this young are capable of holding on to to a thought for so long. He also surprises me by actually telling the right color of his friends' car which I might not have noticed but when I do notice the next time we meet, I realize that he indeed was right. And the latest mantra occasionally heard in the house and especially outside is

"H is for Honda, T is for Toyota!" 'Acura'te indeed!


Suma said...

this reminds me so much of my elder boy..when he was 2 plus he astonished everyone by correctly identifying every single car by its logo/shape...this is a benz...this is a maluthi...heh..heh... i think boys are really really car crazy!!!!

he is really at a nice age...enjoy!

Making Memories said...

believe me Moon does exactly the same. we cant start to go anywhere until he has had the 10 min session at least on the steering, gears and talking on mobile at the same time. this he used to do when he was less than 2 yrs, everytime its not possible to have him do it, we had to try and take him out of this habit.now also he has his car keys, a wallet with plastic cards, a toy mobile and sun glasses st handy at all times, not forgetting a toy car and he goes 'vroom, rummmm ' all day long. can identify many cars with there logo.
enjoy it, really an interesting age.

PG said...

So cute! I guess it is somewhere in their genes! I've heard similar stories about many boys Rishab's age too. Rishab is not obsessed about cars for sure, but he is obsessed enough to know the names of all the cars. Since his caretaker has a VW beetle, whenever he sees a small car he would ask, if it is a beetle. And when he sees one, he says excited, " a Beetle!" And whenever it is not, he would ask, "what is this car called?"

Preethi said...

aah boys and cars.. I have been listening to this.. for the past 2.5 yrs.. Some of Nantu's first words were names of vehicles/ cars. And even today he has not bored of grabbing any round lid and pretending its a steering.

Neera said...

suma: Wow!! That really is impressive!

mm: Ha ha, thats so cute :) Why have u stopped recording all these things in ur own blog?

pg: he he ..in their genes for sure and their mental make-up :)

preethi: Wow, now that is something. I am imagining him saying ma...u hoping its going to be mamma and what comes out instead is 'matuti' or 'majda' :))