Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The NICE award

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!"

Thanks so much PG for your thoughtfulness and for awarding me this beautiful award :)

I would like to pass on this award to these wonderful ladies out there who more than anything inspire me to be good and gentle and have faith and go on.

Dipali : I wish I have your perspective with regards to my kids generation when I reach your age. You truly are an inspiration!

Noon: Thanks for taking that first step towards our loving friendship. I am bad at that (taking the first step, that is :) ) I always imagine you being so gentle and loving with your kids - it makes me all warm and fuzzy :)

Deepali : Thanks for all these messages and comments. You make me feel special in your own little ways!

Gauri : I admire you a lot for your balanced attitude. You sure are an inspiration - when I am in a difficult situation with the kids, I often times think - what do I think Gauri would have done in such a situation :) I hope I am able to maintain an open channel of communication with my kids as you have.

CeeKay: Hats off to you for being so clear headed not just about the values you want to instill in your daughters but also the way you go about it. You inspire me to take the longer and tougher route, which of course is the right one when it comes to discipline.


noon said...

Hi Neera! Thanks! You certainly are a nice person, no doubt! I mean in a good know some people mean nice in a "oh can't speak up for yourself" kind of way...but you are a confident, brave (I must have told you a 100 times how I admire you being able to manage two kids all alone in sub zero MN!) and yet very down to earth person. Somehow I felt an instant connection with you from the way you wrote about your kids/your life/your letter to your certainly deserve this award in its spirit!
I don't even remember now how/when we mailed each other first - I think it was about Jiya and KG (who are couple of weeks apart)...
Anyway - hope to stay in touch with you even after you move to India...

dipali said...

Thanks, Neera! I'm honoured.

Suma said...

hey congrats dear....nice things happen to nice peop...;)

u moving to India?!!! when?

Emaan said...

hi neera
what a lovely blog, just happened to drop by !
vansh n jiya look soooooo cute ! ur really lucky !
may i ask u something, how and with what did u start ur babies on semi-solids ? emaan is 4 months plus, ive started him on mashed banana & dall / rice water.. any other suggestions ? pls mail me

emaan's mom

Neera said...

noonoo, thanks for the effusive praise :) We mailed each other first because I couldn't stop telling everyone who cared abt the sale at Macy's , remember :)) - that vest :) Anyways, lovely to have u as a friend :)

Dipali: You deserve it :)

Suma: Thanks dear! Moving to India anywhere between December and June. Many confusions - shall do a post soon.

Emaan: Thanks so much and welcome here :) Shall mail u with food suggestions.

Orchid said...

hi there..stopped by to say hello, congrats on the nice award..that reminds me, i need to put this up, someone kindly passed it along :)