Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am sure to have a whole bunch of gray hair ...

- after I ask Vansh for the umpteenth time to come to the table for breakfast and he doesn't comply till LUNCH.

- I ask him to pick up his toys and he keeps playing as though I never opened my mouth.

- my day with the kids begins with hearing a scream saying "I WANT MILK!!" when I have it all ready for him the first thing after I wake up! (and yes I do remind him every day to be nice and gentle when he speaks)

- a request to take off clothes and get ready for a bath is met by a defiant NO (as is a request for washing hands or brushing teeth) and then after a count of 5 (which worked earlier) when I proceed to take them off myself, I am met by a full fledged tantrum.

- as soon as he finds the TV remote within his reach, he turns up the volume to 60.

- the mantra in our household these days is "SHUT UP!!" ..mood decides the volume at which its said.

HHHHEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!! Just where does that magic button lie??


Anu said...

Lemme know if you find that magic button!! I am searching for eternity :) Facing most of the things u have written about and it takes all my willpower to keep calm..

Thanks so much for dropping by and i will surely write when i feel lost :)

noon said...

Neera - so good to have you back on blog! Should read your other post now...
Gray hair - well, the only solution there is a good brand of henna! :)
The tantrums of different sorts will continue on for a while! :))
Hee hee - feels good Neera! :)

~nm said...

:) Every Mom's rant! Vansh is not being any different than other child! I have had this phase too with Anirudh.

As noon said, buy a nice henna to cover those grey hair up! :D

Kodi's Mom said...

no way! these look like some scenes lifted from the Kodi household...was going to do a post on it. looks like I can count on your sympathies :)

PG said...

Yes, let me know too if you find that maigc button, I need it badly too.
If it consoles you, here is my story:

PG said...

Thanks a lot neera for the links. It was such a good read. Wish you Good luck as well!

Swati said...

Ohh I am in the same boat :(