Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Updates ...

Wow!! All the cliches about time just flying by come so true with kids around! Just a month and a half before 2008 begins. Vansh is just 4 months away from his 3rd b'day and Jiya, well, everytime I get used to saying she is these many months old, she grows some more and its time to say the next number. A few updates on what the kids are upto at this time :

- Vansh is so into giggling all the time. All day long and I mean it. And when he's not giggling, he's either listening to Miss Nadi's CD (his ECFE teacher - he listens to that as if someone's going to test him on that one) or having a meltdown. Jiya being so enthusiastic about him giggling all the time is the biggest re-inforcer I guess. He has been referred to as Mr Giggler on several occasions and not without a reason. Watch another one here.

- Playing with toys is passe. Its mom's pots and pans, well it has been for a long time, but now he likes to put them on the stove (while its off, Thank God!!), ask me to put bits of cookie and stir up to make "hot sabzi"; wants to heat something in the microwave all the time and when there's nothing to heat, just set the timer for 5-6 seconds and listen to it go 'peep, peep, peep, peep' and then giggle some more.

- As he continues to string words into sentences, guess what he says when he wants to play exclusively with dad or chat with grandparents with no interference from mom - "Mummy kitchen बनाऊं" Whether its 9 in the morning or 9 at night doesn't matter - mom's rightful place when there are others to entertain him is the kitchen :)

- Loves to ask for what each of the road signs say. Recognises STOP, NO PARKING (P with a slash), SPEED LIMIT and EXIT signs where they occur. Keeps showing us trucks and school buses as we pass them and counts correctly upto 3 or 4 if there's a fleet on the road. The latest he has learnt is we use the ''indicator" when we turn.

- Favorite book at this time - Sheep in a Jeep and My Car, favorite songs - This is Daniel Cook, Here we are, Lakdi ki kathi, Mere paas aao mere doston, favorite movie - Cars, hands down, favorite activities - photographing everything from people (friends visiting us is his field day) to his cars to soft toys; and GIGGLING.

- Some everyday coversations sound like this -

Vansh - Papa, office aa gaye?
Ash - Haan beta
Vansh - Car parking kiya?
Ash - Haanji kiya
Vansh - Ashutosh uncle saath car gaye the
Ash - Haanji, Ashutosh uncle ke saath gaya tha
Vansh(very pleased), after a moment, giggle giggle giggle

Vansh (on hearing the sound of the coming Garbage truck outside) - Arbage truck!!
Me and Vansh together - Wow!! Bye garbage truck!
Vansh - Arbage truck jaana hai (meaning - I want to go outside to see the garbage truck)
Me - nahi beta, baahar ab bahut thandi ho gayi hai. Hum baahar nahi ja sakte
Vansh - Haaaaaan (in a sing song tone)!! Bye arbage truck!
*Giggle giggle giggle*
(And this same conversation takes place each and every single day)

- Funny words/phrases used - "कलौजी आ रहा है for खुजली हो रही है।" "Calapitata" for "caterpillar"; "alacome" for "Welcome"

- I also noticed a lower right hand side molar today. Was expecting that for some time as hands had been finding their way into the mouth quite often again. That makes it a total of 17 teeth now.

As for Jiya, boy is she getting strong. At her most active best, she pulls my hair with one hand and specs with the other, leaving me surprised and laughing at how naughty can a 4 month old get.
- She now likes to stand holding on to our hands, though only for a few seconds, but she wants to do that all the time. Make her sit on your lap and she'll hold on to your fingers and just slide down so that you have to straighten her and she grabs the opportunity and upright she goes. And laugh out loud.
- When sitting in her bouncy, she now leans forward and searches for Vansh when he is out of sight.
- Discerning her cries is getting more complex because boredom and attention have been added to the previous list of hunger and sleep.
- Is mouthing everything given to her, has swollen gums and is drooling. However relatively the discomfort is less as compared to Vansh had when he was teething or perhaps she is much more occupied to realise that.


jasheena said...

wow vansh way to go...vansh looks so cute while giggling and especially in that apron...neera u have lot of patience allowing vansh to do everything he wants especially on the stove..i think that makes him always happy..nathan on the other hand everytime cries for something or the other..hee wants to watch tv all the time...hmm i have to learn something from u..

Neera said...

Thanks for ur kind words Jasheena.Vansh has his moments too and quite a lot of those, believe me.