Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Festivities in the air!!

Oh I absolutely love this time of the year ..Diwali is going to be here soon. Apart from other things, to me it means eating 'kaju-kishmish' and the yummy mitahis till my tummy hurts; going to the market on the slightest opportunity to see all the crowds (Oh! I miss India so much!); new clothes of course; leaving on all the lights in the house which looks so bright and sparkly; the small little things which all add up to make the day BIG!! I am so excited even while I write this. Even though things here are so different from what they are back home, still I am enjoying hustling about to put the house in order for a change (I now shamelessly proclaim that I clean the house only when we are expecting company); finishing up the piles of laundry to make it look spic and span (again for a change); making gujiyas and matthis and singer ki mithai; squeezing in an extra 10 minutes to buy some maida and khoya before taking Vansh to school; writing "Give Vansh a haircut" in Ashwini's to do list before Diwali and then going ahead and doing it myself (we have totally lost hope of getting him a haircut from a professional, with all his howling and screaming, till the haircut we give him actually embarasses him.); planning the potluck and games for Diwali night. Oh! Another interesting thing that happened this year - till last year Vansh was too small to enjoy sparklers and firecrackers - so we didn't really care either. This year, however, he had a great time on 4th of July and on Dussehra with those. And we had no idea that they are not available year round here. As a result we blew all of ours on Dussehra because everyone was having such a nice time. Very luckily and interestingly, I thought of asking our MOMS club group via our yahoo group whether anyone had any left over firecrackers and fortunately got a bunch of those to have fun with on Diwali night :) Now I am just praying for the weather gods to be kind enough to let the kids enjoy those

A few more pics from Halloween last week. Surprisingly, Vansh was not scared of the larger than life size dressed up dogs and strange characters and actually went ahead and shook their hand and even posed for a picture. May be Miss Nadi, their ECFE teacher, dressing up like a clown in front of them and going back and forth putting on and taking off her colorful wig and red nose helped him see that its actually just normal people who dress up like some one else. Big crowds still frazzle him though leading to a troubled look on his face evident in most pictures. He also befriended a lady fire fighter to ask her all about her big flashy red car :)

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