Sunday, November 4, 2007

The idiosyncrasies of our quirky little toddler.

When I have had a good night's sleep, am having a peaceful day and I am smug at having the skill of PATIENCE under my control on one of those exceptionally rare days, I fascinate at how a child's mind develops. What does he think to think in that very particular way that he is thinking (!!!) (so now you know that today is not one of those good days when I think clearly!) Basically, I wonder why does Vansh always climb on his booster seat from the left side; insist that I be the one who hands him his milk and Ashwini be the one who feeds him pizza; would only and only hop to the bathroom for brushing his teeth and refuse to be carried or simply walk there howsoever tired he might be and many more such little quirks!! I know kids at this age love and take comfort in having the same routine each day. And for a cautious kid like Vansh, that holds especially true. Till some time back, he refused to taste chocolates and ice-creams because they didn't look like anything that he is used to eating. We can see his discomfort in the midst of big crowds and loud music etc. After a while of observation, it sends him searching for some little buttons in the corner that he can press and be on his own or off late find one friend whose hand he can hold and play with. But carrying it to the extreme of doing a particular thing in a set way and not budging from it at all is nothing short of intriguing. Here are a few more of his quirks

- After hopping to the bathroom for brushing, he has to first take off his pants to pee, even if he has done that 15 minutes back; press his toothbrush himself to light it on (he has that fancy little totthbrush which lights up for one minute to make sure you are brushing long enough); pick up his little toy alligator to brush his teeth and then lets us brush his own. Try to change a tiny bit and be treated to wails of life being so unfair!!

- He'll count 1,2,3, ...10, go before hopping on to his booster seat for a meal and if he realises he has gotten up from the wrong side, he'll get down and climb up again from the left side.

- Once he's done eating, he has to have the plate and food removed from in front of him.

- He has certain seating arrangements for the family and gets upset if its out of order. So much so, that he doesn't really appreciate when I or Ashwini sit on the chair at the dining table where his grandfather used to when they were here for 2 months!!

- His reaction to different songs is different. 'This is Daniel Cook' - his latest favorite CD - he'll dance on the first three songs, ignore the next two - would just go and sit for some time or play with some toys and would come back again to dance at the exact moment every time - about 3 seconds before the 6th song is about to begin. Bizarre!! While listening to his ECFE teacher's CD, he would sit absolutely still on his rocker with Winnie, his teddy bear and just listen to it like that.
- Off late he's into wanting to operate the microwave himself when it needs to be used and the time for which anything needs to be heated has to end in a 0. So it has te be 40 or 50 seconds that he'll heat say his milk for and not 45.

- The latest is that Ashwini can't pick up Jiya because mummy's 'godi' is for Jiya and papa's is for Vansh (thankfully, there's one which is understandable to a great degree).
Huh!! Perplexing indeed!
Would appreciate comments from parents in similar situations to know we are not the only ones.


My Memories said...

definitly neera ur not the only one. me to in the same boat. moon has to do so many things in only particular way that he has discovered. few being taking help from mum or papa whichever one he call want to sit on the toilet seat and calling the same person to wash him when he's done. if another person comes by mistake he'll start howling. at the same time knowing very well that when papa is in office only mum can do it and not making it a fuss then. jumping off the last step of the staircase and going bak and doing it if he forgets.bathing his teddy at a paricular place in the living room, then wipe and dressing him up.making his own tea in a pan and seiving it into an empty cup and pretending to sit and drink with us whenever i go into the kitchen to make tea/coffee.latest book that facinates him is a map(book) and he talks with his pretend friend to follow a route and going somewhere. he also has the same toothbrush but never fascinated by the light. God they all are so similar yet so different. so neera ur not the only one for sure :)

jasheena said...

hey neera dont worry u r not alone...nathan likes to be naked while brushing his teeth and doing potty..he wants to make sure that he doesn't wet his outfit while doing all such work..not only that he wants to remove his pants and shirts by himself even he is in a hurry burry situation to go potty.

PG said...

Thanks for your comment! It was really good to have read your post and the comments to it. Now I know I'm not alone. :)

Neera said...

You're welcome PG! It always is a relief to know we are not the only ones! Good luck :)