Monday, October 1, 2007

Vansh's verbal strides ..

... have been happening in leaps and bounds with every passing week in his 3rd year

- Its so cute to hear Vansh say, as he goes to his room to bring a toy "आ रहा हूँ. Wait a minute!" He says the same sentence when we ask him to come and brush his teeth or to take a bath. its fascinating to think how they pick up words, phrases, understand what they mean and then use it in the right context.

- At every little knock he hears or when the phone rings, he asks us "कौन है?" And he does that with a typical look on his face - he'll scrunch his eyes, bring a very concerned expression on his little face and ask "कौन है?" I tried making him do that for the camera once but the expression immediately changed into smiles and laughs on seeing the camera :) Now many a times when we call, say our mobile provider for an enquiry or some such phonecall we make which we know is beyond his comprehension and we still try to explain it to him in the simplest possible terms and he still does not understand ( :) ), as of now he is content that we at least offered an explanation and goes "hmmm" at the end of it. I am waiting for more questions to follow once his vocabulary increases.

- Is also asking a lot of other questions like "Mummy vacuum कर रहे हो?", "Papa office जा रहे हो?" (and this is whenever he sees him picking up the car keys even if it happens to be at 8'o clock at night :)

- We literally laughed out loud the first time he said "पापा ध्यान से" to Ashwini when the car went bump over a little speed breaker. He keeps repeating it at the right instance when at a blind turn or when there's a pedestrian that we need to brake for.

- Off late he has been repeating everything he hears when I and Ashwini talk to each other. He'll pick up the last 2-3 words from each sentence and repeat them. I have also seen him repeating words from the newsreaders report on TV.

- He's also picking up English now. Every Wednesday morning, before leaving for ECFE, I practise with him to say 'Restroom' instead of 'सुसू' or 'I want water' instead of 'पानी चाहिए' so that he can get his basic needs met in case he needs to in the 1 hour he's by himself in the kids' classroom. He uses words like 'want, like, wait for turn :), share, happy, sad' in the correct context. There are times when he'll just say "yeah, yeah" when we ask him something in English and when he hears words like "brush, sleep, eat" in our questions, its obviously "NO!"

- The passion for Cars, especially race cars continues. As a result, this is how his rhymes sound when he is not paying particular attention "Twinkle twinkle race car ;)"

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My Memories said...

vansh is doing great.
i have been thinking to pen down something like this for bhavya but thanks to my lazyness, i couldnt. u sure r active girl, hats of to u.