Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hello ..OK Bye!!

Its so funny the way Vansh pretends to talk on the phone to someone, more often than not its Arnav, his best buddy by far whom he misses and remembers every single day ever since he left for India 2 months back. He'll first convince us with all his might to hand him the real phone and a working one at that, saying "Arnav phone hai" as if thats one important phonecall we wouldn't ever want him to miss. Then he would start his conversation with the usual "Hello". Whatever he is doing at that particular time would make up the body of his commentary which would sound like "Garbage truck देख रिया हूँ." or "Book पढ़ रिया हूँ।" (Don't know where he picked up the 'Surma bhopali' accent from) followed by "Oh अच्छा अच्छा।" and finally "OK bye!" and if he is in a particular hurry, its just "Hello Arnav, OK Bye!!" :)

And yeah he's been at it ever since he was 6 months old.

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My Memories said...

omg....cant stop laughing at vansh's cute surma bhopali accent. believe me even moon does the same thing, like saying 'hai' in hindi as 'hi', sounds like a brit talking in hindi. m sure vansh is speaking american hindi rather than 'surma bhopali', m still lauging, my love and kisses to him.
one more thing, it was only towards the end that i came to know its vansh's pic, i thought it to be jiya.