Wednesday, October 3, 2007

At 3 months, Jiya ...

... has had a pretty eventful last month. I love the first year, one because they are so cute and cuddly, just the right size for your arms, two you can pamper them without having to worry about spoiling them and three such monumental physical changes happen right in front of your eyes - the exciting wait for each milestone and the pride and joy when it happens :) Half of the times when I talk to Jiya, I tell her not to get any bigger, stay just as she is forever and ever - our little princess, bright and smiley, meaning the world to all of us.

- Is able to raise her chest when lying on tummy and tolerates it (tummy time) much better than earlier. I believe she now enjoys Vansh's antics from the correct perspective, the right side up that is :)

- Speaking of Vansh, he continues to be her superstar. His sight is enough to light her little face up. We use it to our advantage when we want to take her pictures :) She now looks at him in total awe, especially when he is at his giggly, jumpy or dancing best, as if to say "Wow!! My bhaiya can sure do a lot!"

- Gets very excited and moves her hands and feet very fast on seeing us and coos back when we talk to her.

- Is able to roll over one way - from tummy to back.

- Holds her feet and marvels at them when lying on her back.
- Is able to catch hold of toys pretty well when playing in her gym.
- Seems so interested in food. Loves to sit in my lap when we are eating our meals and even opens her mouth when I bring a spoon close to it (Guess she learnt that, once again, by looking at Vansh)

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