Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

... to all little trick-or-treater's out there. Even though we do not know the actual significance of the festival but are taking it as an opportunity to have some fun :) Vansh is a pirate and Jiya a little pumpkin this year. We had a halloween party last week. Vansh was happy running around in his costume with a few more of his dressed up friends. Yesterday a few of the kids' friends were over for a playdate and we decorated paper pumpkins. At ECFE too, its dress up day today. In the evening, we shall also go to the closeby mall for some music and celebrations and some trick-or-treating. We also have a Happy Halloween picture outside our apartment door which we got from the apartment management yesterday to put up if we want to give out treats to the other kids. Vansh thought putting up his creation alongside would be a good idea. I still have to explain how to trick or treat around but am pretty sure he'll catch it immediately, what with all that fascination for 'lollipops' these days. He'll do everything in his might to get so many of those. More pictures follow...

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