Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time to retire? May be not!

So we went on a rather sudden trip to India in November. Among the many other adventures, a couple of them were these two. While just doodling around one day which is Chica's favorite pastime, this is what she came up with. I think its time to retire from this parenting gig when your 5 year old has the circle of love and life this clear in her head.

Or may be not because if your 7 year old comes up with this when asked to do his homework, retirement would have to wait some!


Sumana said...

LOL at the kiddos. They always leave you startled. I loved the creative out of the box ways that these kids come out with.

Neera said...

Sumana: Always so good to hear from you :) I know, the first one left me quite pleasantly shocked and the second one, you don't know how to not laugh out loud at such cheekiness :)

noon said...

Both are totally adorable. The first note is stunning really. I mean she has it so clear in her head. The younger ones somehow have it in them I feel...to be worldly wise. Cheeky yes! So cute! :) Wish you would post more often!
Hi Sumana! :)

Neera said...

You may be right noonoo and its also a girl boy personality difference between my kids. Between my husband and his younger brother, my husband is the more worldly wise one. I wish the same too for myself and also for YOU :)