Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day of implementing ideas - linked to some great resources

So it takes some effort, well a lot to get a 7 year old on task, especially if the said 7 yo happens to be a boy. Man, I never would have believed the difference between boy and girl personalities if I didn't experience them first hand at home! So while, I have to be on my toes to get resources for Chica as she finishes one worksheet/activity after another asking for more, the ones for Nino lie around untouched for months on end because well he is just content sitting on the couch and breathing! Yeah, if he could outsource that too, he would!

So some ideas from pinterest, which is my new best friend, which had been floating around in my head, I finally put to practice last night. So the kids helped me in making a list of tasks which would help them in earning coupons. The tasks include things like practicing their Math from some workbooks they have; some Hindi reading and writing; reading paired with some reading responses. (Please do click on the link, it is a great great packet - each worksheet addresses a key reading skill and there are worksheets for fiction as well as non fiction books and it is FREE! The resources available on the internet these days just amazes me, I mean just think about all the talent in the world!) And everytime they finish a task, they put a tick against it on their task list. 5 completed tasks(all different) gives them the opportunity to pick a coupon. I tried to encourage them to work quickly when they have the time (on no school home work days or weekends) and so if they complete 3 tasks in one day, they get to pick a coupon. Nino wanted me to add that 5 tasks in a day gets them 2 coupons. Coupons, some I made myself and others the duo told me what they wanted. So some of the coupons entitle them to a treat at McDonald's or a Family Game Night where the coupon winner picks games of his/her choice; or choosing a favorite movie for Movie Night, getting to play Wii for 20 extra minutes, an Ice Cream outing, calling a friend for playdate, an extra story at bedtime and the likes.

Hah! So the first day, in spite of the fact that the system got up and running at 7:15 pm, we saw a whirlwind of academic activity in the household :). Frantic working, then getting back to the task chart to see what could be done next and then back to working. It was quite an amusing sight! And the siblings did in fact earn one coupon each :). Why, of course, I don't expect each day to be like that. But I do hope that it does instill some motivation to be on task when time permits! Last night Chica was able to earn another coupon where as Nino brought back a good share of home work from school so he could complete one task from the list.

Another idea is that of this box which I am calling the Mom Box. Anything the kids don't put back at their proper place goes in the box and then in order to claim back their rights on it, they need to complete a chore. I like the rhyme that goes with it. Much excitement ensued when the idea was announced. Even to the extent of deliberately leaving things out of place to be able to experience it. I had to tell Chica she could just pick a chore, she didn't have to leave something out to do it :) So she asked me for a wipe moistened with Windex because she wanted to clean the big patio glass door. He, he..sometimes I come close to knowing what it feels like to hit the Jackpot ;) The chores include things like folding some laundry, wiping the coffee and dining table, making their toy room clean by picking up anything lying on the floor. 

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