Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ah the occasional sweetness

Yesterday Chica was away with me when Niño went with A (my husband) to the bookmobile to return and check out some materials. Chica had given Niño instructions to check out a Dora DVD for her in addition to whatever else he checks out. I had my doubts whether he would care to remember mostly because his favorite pastime is to irritate her and hear her scream. He proved me totally wrong by going out of his way going through several titles and checking out Dora's Ballerina Adventures because Dora and Ballet happen to be Chica's two most favorite things these days. I wonder who was more delighted at his thoughtful action - Chica or me :) Cos I shall be feeding them both this very thought to avert several prospective battles in the coming few weeks ;)


Sumana said...

How sweet of Nino. Hugs to the kiddos. LOL at the future usage during prospective battles. Same pinch on that.

Neera said...

Sumana: Ha ha ..we do need to keep our few weapons handy to be able to use them on time, no! :)