Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Tree of Love

The kids have been asked to get valentines for their classmates next week for their respective class parties. We bought the little cards from Target, the kids wrote their and their friends' names enthusiastically and attached candies. I had not planned on making anything at home for the same because of the sheer volume of work that meant. Its hard to keep the kids interested for very long and instead of a fun activity, it becomes more like a 'Come here and at least finish what you started' activity. However, once I saw the great crafts going on at the blogs in the blogosphere, it was hard to remain uninspired :) I loved the Magazine Tree of Hearts at Putti Prachanda and when I showed it to Chica, she wanted to try making it too. So I started cutting out the pink and red hearts from sweaters and towels and blankets of the same color in old magazines. Chica tried too but she could only manage triangles or trapezia :) She could however cut out big hearts if I drew the outline for her.

She then started sticking them on a plain white paper. The trunk was made from putting her hand on a green paper in the magazine and then cutting it out.

That's the ready tree. It felt very white on the top and bottom of the paper, so we decided to add some grass and sun and clouds.

Now this is how it looks on the front door spreading the love as Valentine's Day approaches. The craft on top is something Chica made at her preschool with butter paper and melted crayons. That too looks very pretty.

We loved it so much that we decided we did have some energy and patience to make miniature versions to be turned into cards for teachers and some friends from the apartment complex. We are yet to stick them on red card stock (which we make out of red poster board which sells for 50 cents at the Dollar Tree - we make about 9 medium sized or 12 small sized cards from one poster board).


Roopa Shri said...

These are lovely!! I am glad you and ur child enjoyed making them too. Love the miniature versions too:)

noon said...

Superb! I wish I had done this for their teachers. KG did a nice card for her teacher ut with the usual glitter etc pasted into hearts.
You do such good stuff with them!
Nice to see more posts from you!
Keep writing!

Neera said...

Roopa Shri: Thanks for dropping by here. Welcome! And I am so glad to have discovered your blog with so many interesting ideas :)

noon: Luckily Chica has the drive herself and takes pride in making something beautiful.