Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vansh rode the bus today ..Yaaaayyy!!

He had been wanting to ride the bus for a long time. He had been wanting to go with papa to his office in downtown for a long time. Well actually he wants to go everyday - cut out the pre-school, school, college, he says and let me go to office straight! And every so often when we pass that huge bus station with a 5 level parking and ever since I took him on the 5th level which is open air and he got to see the sights from and the giant clock over there, he wants to go there too.

So today we took the bus from that very bus station, rode to downtown which is about a half an hour ride and visited papa in his office and had lunch together. It was a perfect dream day for Vansh. And so all throughout he had such a 'saintly' kind of happy expression on his face and such perfect mannerisms as if he was scared that even a teeny weeny mistake would end the whole dream. When I asked him to move towards Jiya's stroller for a picture, he actually moved there (without the teasing which he always does in such situations) with the same saintly smile, put his arm around her neck and posed!! He very keenly observed the driver driving the bus with much fascination and didn't speak much at all. Well thats him when he is fascinated with something. He observes very very keenly without many questions at all. He marvelled at the tall bulidings, the big fountains inside the buildings and the likes.

Jiya on the other hand, animated as always. She is such a shouter. She shouts to get to the window, she shouts to get the keys from my hand or the phone. She throws her sipper or her wash cloth or a toy once she is done with them. A very 'need to pick after' kind of baby. Keeps me on my toes.

The doting dad (and husband:) spent a good hour and a half roaming around the streets and the skyways and having Greek lunch with us. A lovely lovely day :)


~nm said...

Wow! I'm sure he would have really REALLY enjoyed it!

Reminds me I've to take Betu for a ride in the new green buses too!

PG said...

Yes, that sounds like a dream day for him for sure. And a very smart and observant boy he is! I guess that doubles up the enjoyment for the parents too!
We have been using the bus quite often, right from the beginning, as there is a bus stand quite near our house. But taking a bus ride was quite exciting for him too earlier. Yesterday we used the train to downtown, but looks like he has been on the train often enough that the charm is no big any more either.

Preethi said...

that sounds like good fun.. Vansh is the little gentleman!! where is the picture???

dipali said...

Vansh with a saintly expression! Too good. Lovely post on a lovely day:)

ddmom said...

Sounds like a mini vacation :) We tried taking D to a real train ride after seeing her fascination with the choo-choo train in the park, she was scared to death with the loud noise and refused to board the train.
Jiya is such a beautiful name as is Vansh. Makes me think second borns are animated, maybe thats the survival instinct as we parents tend to get totally lost with the older one :) Same here, Dlittle knows how to get attention, not at all the subtle kind. Lovely post.

Preethi said...

perfect.. adorable!!

Preethi said...

There is something for you at my blog, come get it!!

Mystic Margarita said...

Lovely pictures! Seems like a good time was had by the entire family! :)

Neera said...

~nm: Those green buses really are cool yaar! Shall wait for the post when you do take him :)

pg: Ha ha :) I can imagine how that must feel. You want them to be excited because it is after all a train ride but they don't care :)

dipali: Thanks:) Hope you are feeling better!

ddmom: Bummer! Thats happened to us too at an amusement park once. We went for him to have fun and he was so overwhelmed ..refused to go on any ride! It felt so disappointing but then life can never be predictable with kids like u say urself :)
Loved ur perspective abt the 'survival instinct'

preethi : Thanks a ton again :) Shall do a post on that soon.

margarita: Thanks! Fun it was :)