Monday, June 9, 2008

Quite a memory!

Incident 1

Vansh likes to sleep with his Winnie (the Pooh), well he likes to do everything with him - drink his meal, have his meals and now a days even takes him in the car with himself. The other night, I told him that I had put him in the washing machine for a wash and had yet to dry it in the drier. He agreed to sleep with another soft toy reluctantly and the first thing he asked as soon as he woke up in the morning was "Winnie sookh gaya?" (Is Winnie dry now?)

Incident 2

Some time back we had gone to a neighborhood to check out a second car for our family. We had gone there for the first time then. After a few weeks, it so happened, that I enrolled Vansh for karate classes and the way to his class turned out to be passing through that neighborhood. The first time I was taking him to his karate class, he amazed me by saying "Yahaan hum car dekhne aaye the!" (We had come to see the car here!)

Its amazing how much kids observe and remember! Vansh has surprised us with his directional sense more than once like knowing the roads that lead to a particular park after having gone there a couple of times and more recently identifying the 'galis' and the 'nukkads' which led to each grandparents' house in India. But this certainly took the cake!


PG said...

WOW! He's a smart little boy!

dipali said...

Smart guy you have there!