Monday, June 9, 2008

Ten things ...

Swati and PG tagged me to do this one...

I am not sure I'll be able to come up with ten things on either list, which is partly the reason I had been putting it off for some time (sorry Swati :) ) - the other part of the reason was 2 young kids ..phew!! Don't even get me started on this one! These days I just keep trying to keep up with the pace life assumes with 2 little ones at home. Anyways thats besides the point for this post :)

... I miss right now

1. Being close to family.

2. Being there for the initial ceremonies as my dear brother-in-law just got engaged.

3. Being able to eat whatever I feel like eating without having to cook it myself :(

4. Being able to eat whatever I feel like eating without having to think about calories and carbs et al. (on second thoughts, does it make a difference to someone as thick skinned as me it doesn't!!)

5. College days, spending masti time with friends, not having to worry about anything; having fun at teachers' cost :D

Would have to do with this for now.

...I would like to achieve in the next decade.

Hmm ..lets see. Vansh would be 13 and Jiya 11 at the end of this decade. So it would have to be ..

1. I would like to work wit them towards them having nice well rounded personalities. Sociable, respectful of others, confident, wisdom to know right from wrong, confident of seeking guidance if they are unsure themselves.

2. Being at peace. I read a short yet truly wonderful book during my stay at my parents' place this time titled 'Mauji baatein' by Swami Anubhavanda who is a proponent of being always happy or rather equanimous at all times and has a very fun way of putting forward the same with quips and amusing remarks which fill his speech and writings. One of the best advice I read in his book was that rather than trying to change or rather improve the people one deals with, one should nurture the virtue of acceptance in oneself. 'Accepting' people for what they are
rather than always thinking of ways they could 'imrove' themselves to make us happy. And he further goes on to say that then one can use this accepting attitude to assist thmeselves in deciding ways to deal with that person. An example being, we accept it as a fact that we can get an electric shock if we are not careful with electricity. Now with the knowledge and acceptance of this fact, we act in accordance and in fact use the very same electricity for our benefit. So rather than filling our minds with negative thoughts and grudges about people and 'reacting' to what they said or did to us and not being able to 'act' properly as a result, its better to lead our lives the other way round by 'acting' and not 'reacting'. This to me was very very insightful. And I wish to imbibe this as a principle in my life.

3. On a less philosophical note, I wish to continue having a healthy and happy family :)

4. I wish to visit and experience different places around the world, particularly the still not commercialized ones with untouched natural beauty in India.

5. I wish to manage more time for pursuing other interests like reading and watching National Geographic which have taken a back seat for quite a while.

So these are mine, what are yours. I pass this on to Noon, Preethi, Dipali and Suma.


PG said...

A nice list.
I remember those very well when i also couldN't eat what i wanted and didn't have anyone to make it for me. Oh dear! This will be over soon.
The point about raising our children into good personalities, I could have included in my list. This is one thing which does keep worrying me every noe and then.
And lovely thoughts you have written in the second point. I have read something in that direction also sometime back. Not an easy task though. But surely worht trying.
Hope you can fullfill your wishes.
Thanks for doing the tags!

ddmom said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Both our kids are around the same age, would be coming here often :)
Loved your wish list. Esp the second one, beautiful analogy.

Mystic Margarita said...

Same pinch for nos. 1,3, 4, and 5 for the first group. As for the next decade, I'll be lucky to be alive till then! :)

Neera said...

pg: Thats every parents' wish said or unsaid, isn't it!

ddmom: Welcome here and hope to see you around often :) You have a daily visitor now to yours, one because our kids are the same age and two because u r in CA and I am in awe of that place. Stayed there for 2-1/2 years before moving to cold cold Minnesota :)
He is wonderful at giving great analogies making the message crystal clear for one to understand.

margarita: You have a point there. I fall down dead (tired) every single day!! ;)