Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sad Vansh!

Vansh was mighty sad yesterday on the departure of his dada-dadi to India. He had very naturally become extremely attached to them in the 2 months they were here. His dada was more a bum-chum to him rather than an elder - they took several walks in a day together, cycled together, played and ran in the house. Vansh couldn't wait for him to get out of the shower and kept chanting "dada dada" when he was inside. His dadi, of course, was more than happy to shower all her love on him - fed him (or at least tried to, given the super fussy eater that he is), put him to sleep and lovingly called him 'bhintu'. So obviously he was all tears when they were leaving. Thankfully his friend Arnav and favorite Sarita aunty were here when they were leaving which pacified him a little. After they left, he cried in a monotone and after having breakfast just picked up his Winnie and teddy and went to lie down in his bed after telling me "सोना है". I went inside after some time with the camera, something that fascinates him lately and asked him whether he would like to take Jiya's pictures to which he readily agreed. Then we played some games and watched 'Curious George' together which cheered him up. By then Ashwini also returned from the airport (thankfully he was working from home that day) and spent some time playing with him. In the evening, we took the kids to the park which was a good way to put the smile back on his face.

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