Thursday, August 9, 2012

Part 1 of Summer 2012 - The London Olympics

Niño has been dreaming big and imagining even bigger. My only regret is I am no longer as prompt with the camera as I was last year. But the Olympics have been playing big on his heart and mind as he watched the opening ceremony with wide eyed awe and wonder. And then went on to make Michael Phelps his hero and Gabby Douglas his heroine ;)

So he planned an opening ceremony with all the props at hand. A gun shot was fired with his toy gun to mark the beginning of the ceremony. He then switched off all the lights and switched on the light of his toy projector and started rotating a Rubik cube in front of the projector light in order to get a flashing disco lights effect; realized that the cube is opaque and only gets him shadows, got some Ikea translucent kind of different colored bowls and got the desired effect. He had then orchestrated a band with the instruments they have which included him on the violin and Chica on the piano and I and A were handed over maracas and tambourines. I was then duly asked to play some marching music on youtube as he handed us handouts of names of countries with their flags - which he had carefully drawn beforehand. I was to represent India, the father son duo were from USA and the sister was from Russia because she is a good gymnast. The Atlas was seen outside and this was the time I realized it had been taken out to draw Russia's flag. Finally I was asked to play the British National Anthem and the climax had to be a self done Light Saber show because of course he can't let his absolute favorite thing down by not including it in the ceremony.

And ever since Swimming competitions have been going on in the home and outside - never mind that a swimming race just means running inside the pool from the 3 feet end to the 4 feet end :) (Swimming has eluded him by far). Plans are made as the Big gang of children meet every evening either in the pool or while biking for the next day's events of their very own Olympics. Tennis, Basketball, Track and Field have all been held in one way or the other.

While I wish I had taken pictures of Niño doing all this, this year; I will share here pictures from his fascination with the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi while we were there in Oct 2010.

Weightlifting - a hot favorite! Don't miss the expressions and the weight - 225 kgs, in case you are wondering ;)

He's a pro at getting the body language and the expressions just right! 
And these are the current cool dudes and wannabe Olympic swimmers!


noon said...

OMG - this is so adorable! I just love it. Such cute imagination. This is how it starts...with such dreams...geography dude on top of it. Yesdy I was so depressed when KB said - Kenya is in the USA?! I felt like - what kind of mother am I - he doesn't even know Kenya! Anyway - Olympics has been good that way - he has gotten to know places like Latvia! So cute making his sister the gymnast! Light sabers, cute!

Neera said...

I know ..and you know he had been telling us that he wanted to hold the ceremony since early evening and we had been postponing it because of the general park, dinner, regular routine and then we planned on going for an after dinner walk when he insisted that we go after the opening ceremony. And I was glad we waited for at least a very carefully thought out ceremony, even if it was simplistic.
As for Geography geek, not any more. All of us have been pretty slack this summer! His current obsession has been Star Wars for a long time - but looks like its wearing off. I wonder what it'll be next. Or may be SW will pick up again once school re-opens soon!

Ravi Kumar said...

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