Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School ...Excitement Galore!

So the siblings marched out the door, after having waited all these years, to go to the same school, finally! The younger one's excitement over the past few days had to be seen to be believed. Incidentally, we were also going camping the day after their schools re-opened and were to set up tent and sleep in sleeping bags and were to go with 7 more families, all the kids' friends from the complex that we stay in and with whom they literally spent almost every waking moment with during their summer break. Needless to say, they were way too excited about that as well. So one day Chica, after thinking for a while, asked me "Mom, guess what I am more excited about ... our camping trip or starting school?" To give you an idea of just how excited she was, she told me I was wrong when I answered "our camping trip".

This picture sums up their feelings pretty well on the first day. Niño felt like a very responsible big brother and wanted me to drop them to school on their first day so that I could guide Chica as to where the Kindergartners need to stand to get in the building, which he otherwise considered his responsibility. Chica, on the other hand didn't want to delay getting in the bus by even one more day and told us that I and Niño were welcome to come by car, but she was way too excited to take the bus and was unfazed and sure there would be teachers to tell her exactly where she should enter from! 


noon said...

Howdy Neera - wow - our girls are in Kindergarten now! KG is starting big school tomorrow. She gets to go to school with her brother! Big deal! Usually our posts could be interchanged even - since how they react, how they dote on the older brother etc are so similar. But her for starting school, KG's reaction is so difft. No special excitement or at least she is not showing it. She is totally cool about it. When KB was talking about how all will be in his section (they posted the listing last eve), she said to him, "It doens't matter who is in the class. All that matters is that you have to do well in school. That's it". I was stunned. I was just telling KB that it is good to not be to worried about who is in the class etc because you are your own person and you should be happy where ever you are...she said this in response to that. Let's see how it goes. You should also post about her first day reaction to school!

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3mik said...

You are lucky that you kid is responsible. My son is always fighting with his littler sister.

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