Friday, November 7, 2008

I adore the stage ...

... Vansh is at because

- Even though he wants to be Batman, he snuggles up close when I play a Batman video for him on the TV and after a while not being able to stand the fighting, switches it off declaring "Vansh ko accha lagta nahin hai!"

- When his 7 year old neighbor, friend and hero dons his cool jazzy Ben 10 watch the size of a tennis ball, Vansh comes home quickly and asks to wear his old and tattered faded green Shrek watch (which incidentally we found lying somewhere) and races back to show to his hero.

- Everytime he sees flowers, he remembers his Nani because she had brought flowers for him at the airport last time he went and then tells her to get 10 orange flowers for him this time.

- Once again, he called his hero to come to his house and look at the NEW little 20 inch TV that we got off Craigslist (after having sold off the one we had as we get ready for the move.)

- He kept loving and preferring the old 94 model Toyota Corolla to the newer Honda CRV because we bought the Corolla much later (just a few months back to serve us for the remaining 3-4 months as we needed 2 cars with the kids' increasing activities out of home) and hence actually it was the new car for him.

How I wish the utterly delightful innocence lasts forever!

And by the way a couple of days back, I had to make him stand straight for clicking a picture for attaching to his school registration form which my father in law is filling back in Delhi. I had to click 35 odd pictures to get a couple of decent results because Vansh decided to honor me by making one silly face after another. However at the end of it, I laughed as I went through all the pictures I had taken because they covered almost all the expressions and the accompanying face on his look he has these days - from grumpy to angry to giggly and mostly silly.


Kodi's Mom said...

thats a lively collage!! makes the 35 takes totally worth it :)
& LOL abt 'new' car!

Suma said...

oh yes this is a nice heart warming stage innocent yet demanding yet loving :)

and the collage is so very nice....:)

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww.....totally adorable pics & yes, as u said, this is a great age to be in :)

Monika said...

oh.... abs adorable

Sumana said...

The pics are really cute. Treasure them. Adorable stage isn't it? So you are all getting set for the move. We did this a few months back. It is stressful. Wish you luck.

Preethi said...

but all of them absolutely adorable!! arent they fun (most times)???!! great age indeed... treasure the innocence!!

Mama - Mia said...


verry nice! Vansh is totally adorable!! and loved all the pics! reminded me of Calvin doing this for his school picture!! :D



PG said...

that's soooooo very cute! :D
I think it is surely a difficult task to make a child his age to stand still.
cute cute! :)

Vee... said...

very sweet pics! :) happened to hop here from