Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kids drive the Action in "Improv Extravaganza Explosion!"

We caught Second City Theatricals' "Imrov Extravaganza Explosion!" at UP Comedy Club in Chicago city this past Saturday. High energy and hilarious, the show, featuring The Second City's performers, is an hour of interactive, family-friendly improvisation and sketch comedy pulled from ideas straight from the audience, and made up on the spot. So while a part of the audience said their favorite movie to watch was let's say Cars and favorite thing to do was listen to Justin Bieber, the performers came up with a catchy rap right there with just those ideas. There were impromptu short skits, pretend video games played on stage with the audience as the participants, all in all a lot of hilarious fun. Members of the audience were invited on stage too for a couple of items again leading to rip roaring entertainment. Some of the acts were so innovative like this one act where a group of pre-teens were invited on stage to participate as two actors talked about their visit to a history museum and the focus alternated between them and the pictures they took there depicting hilarious scenes acted out by the pre-teens. It was so funny to see those kids barely contain their own laughter as they froze acting out those photographs. Kids starting from 5 to those in their teens seemed to be enjoying it as also the adults. Lunch was available during and after the show for an additional charge (kids and regular menus are available). It was a very fun experience to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday in the city famous for its shows and theater.

The actors on the day we watched the show, actually from a rotating cast of 10 actors, included

·         Ross Bryant

·         Chelsea Devantez

·         John Hartman

·         Hans Holsen

·         Becky Poole

To know more about the very funny and the very talented actors and to catch a video, click here. Also available on the link is ticket information. Second City Theatricals' G-rated "Imrov Extravaganza Explosion!" runs at UP Comedy Club, 230 W. North Ave, 3rd Floor, Chicago, Saturday's at 12 noon now through Dec 29. Tickets are $11. Doors open at 11 am.

Parking info - Metered parking is available on both North Avenue and Wells Street in either direction. Parking is also available for a fee at Piper's Alley Self Park Garage - 230 West North Ave. Other paid options include Treasure Island – 1639 N. Wells St and Public Parking – Corner of North Ave and North Park. We were able to find street parking on North Ave without too much difficulty.


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I really enjoyed your blog. i have a nephew who's 7 mnths old.
i'd like to share his video with you. this is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jQfNw8TBQo.
Its kind of funny.
i wish you and your babies good luck. take care. like to hear from you more.