Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Kids

A few days back I was going through my archives and came across this post and this. My God! Yes, those were tough times, really tough and I blogged about them to let it out of my system, to look for support from fellow bloggers and friends and it helped. Now, when the times are GOOD, in all fairness to both of you, I should and I am going to blog about it too :)

- Knock on wood! But the way both of you have been behaving is nothing short of awesome! Great job V and J. I mean I can actually take 45 minute long showers in contrast to the 1 minute loo break that I dreaded taking at times. You work silently on worksheets, talk to each other about the colors that will look good on whatever it is you are coloring, Vansh, you help Jiya with writing letters and when I come out from the shower, you are playing nicely and talking to each other even more nicely. And today you actually told me, "Mom, we are kind of fighting but just with words and not with our hands!" How cool is that! And then after a few more minutes, "Even the word fight is over!" *Phew* I wonder you are the same children from the posts above. Yes you have your moments of getting on each others' nerves and mine but then phrases like the ones I just mentioned so make up for it.

- The way you stand up for each other melts my heart so many times in a day. Like the other day, when I took off a 'quarter' sticker from Jiya's reward chart because she had hit you, Vansh you told me that its okay, I should give it back to her because she is little and doesn't understand the right thing at times but will not hit you again. I mean you guaranteed that for her on her behalf when you yourself were the victim just moments ago. I wish I had words to describe that feeling and more than that I wish I had a sibling who would do that for me. *Sigh*

- And Jiya, how is it that when I tell you to clean up, there is a possibility that it might fall on deaf ears (sometimes, I have to admit :) but when your hero, your older brother tells you that, I can be certain that the job will be done :) And yes, I am talking about cleaning up here, can you believe it!!

- And again, you gave me another of those I don't believe it! moments when the other day Vansh was singing his oft repeated "Bad girl Jiya" song which is more like to tease you when things don't go his way, for instance, when he is losing in a board game, I know not a very nice thing to say but then you don't seem to really mind it most of the times. But the other day, you actually laughed and told him "You are so funny! I didn't even do anything now!" , you know like its a ha-ha thing between you two and he did in the wrong context. I found it rather amazing for a 3 year old to react that way :)

So well, atta boy and atta girl! I am so loving this gig of being your mom at this phase - laughing, playing, clowning around! Amen to more such times!

Love you forever,


noon said...

Neera! What - usually when I read your posts about the kids I feel like you have written about my kids. Except for "standing up for each other" part, this time around, it doesn't feel like that! Here they still fight like crazy. Fight as in KB constantly irritates KG. He just loves it when she screams at him and chases him etc because he teased her...like..."KG, you are only three and half, I will always be older than you" in that teasing sing song voice. Or grab some toy of hers and hide it etc. 45 min showers! OK you need to send them here so they can get retrained in fighting with each other and you can go back to 5 min showers! :)

Anonymous said...

great article..keep writing more..


Neera said...

Oh noonoo ..Vansh and Jiya do that too but even if they play nicely 50-60% of the times, its remarkable in my eyes esp after the bad bad phases they go through. Vansh too loves to tease her - exactly in the way u mention - just take her things for the heck of it or just touch the things she is being touchy abt. And then has that silly smile on his face!
Again how I wish we stayed closer - so the kids could play together. Vansh is esp missing having playmates here after his scl and activity hours. The weather is still not good enough everyday to bring the kids to the park :(

Swati said...

aww..thats a VERY sweet post ! God bless them both !

Mystic Margarita said...

Lovely to read about the kids, Neera. They're as adorable as ever! Been meaning to write to you for a long time, but between P and writing, hardly get time. Planning to get back to blogging, even if it's for a bit. :)

Swaram said...

Lovely post and such a cute pic there!

Neera said...

Swati: Thank u dear ..u'll have ur share of such sweet sibling moments soon :) Hope u r doing well.

Mystic: Hey, long long time! Great to connect again. Hope u and P are doing great! I did see that u have joined the NaBloPoMo :) Good luck!

Swaram: Thank u dear!

Raka said...

Reading this piece of ur blog I am mre coming 2 know abt Jiya..:)u know tat why....I can make in 2-3 meetings that Jiya follows what Vansh does..the best part even if its 60%,that they hve fun together nt against each other..keep goin V n J

Tulika said...

Thanks for this post Neera. It shows me that atleast the future is bright for me. 45 min showers... what a luxury!!!