Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everyday moments ...

... from the kids' initial few days in India
- Vansh would come home from outside and take off his footwear at the doorstep. It took him a certain degree of getting used to keep his chappals on even when at home. We got to see some funny sights when after being told to have them on at all times, he would sit with them on the bed munching away on something or going through a book. After being told to take them off when he sits somewhere, he took them off even when he sat on the chair at the dining table to have his meals. I, once in a moment of impatience, chided him on again taking off his chappals when we had told him to have them on at all times to which he said out of part impatience and part tearfully "Phir woh chair ganda ho jayega". I couldn't help but smile at his innocent confusion.
- We once went for a daytime birthday party at Deer Park. We were an hour into the party when Vansh said he wanted to pee. Not wanting to search for the restroom which are usually hard to find at such places and more often than not unclean, I took him to the corner of the park we were in and asked him to pee there. He refused saying that it was dirty and he would wait until we reached home. Jiya, who now follows the elder sibling like her greatest hero, followed us there as well and started taking off her pants and repeatedly saying choo choo, choo choo (for susu) and demanded her diaper be taken off as well. She refused to be taken away and had to be distracted with great effort to leave the corner alone. Vansh actually waited for almost 2-3 hours more and went only after reaching home.
- Now, after almost a month of the previous incident, things have taken a 180 degrees turn. In the afternoon, while playing in the neighborhood park, his dadi took him to the corner when he wanted to pee which he agreed to after initial reluctance and then when I took him to the park in the evening, he wanted to go pee again. I told him to wait for about 15-20 minutes till we reached home but he insisted that he wanted to pee in the grass in the corner. There were two wires fencing off some area where I took him and he aimed at several positions - above the higher one, below the lower one and in between both as he peed giggling away :)
- While we were somewhat used to Vansh humming away some favorite nursery rhyme sometimes, I can't help smiling when I hear him humming "Oye oye lucky lucky" ..the power of desi FM :)
And now for a pictorial update of some funny and some warm moments I managed to capture on film
Jiya finds some new playthings
and learns some lessons from the Indian fashion industry
Snuggles up with dada to one of her favorite activities

as Vansh continues his efforts of being treated like like an adult by acting like one - here diligently reading the newspaper and concentrates with glasses et al to see who's trying to reach him.
Jiya concentartes hard on building a tower
Vansh beams proudly when after much effort, he succeeds in writing 6 correctly :) "Writre a C and make a circle at the end of it" is what worked for us.
Jiya feeds and is fed by dada.
Vansh dresses up for Republic Day celebrations in his preschool but is not very happy wearing this new attire.
Vansh snuggles up with chacha aka Vansh's bumpy bed.
The dining table continues to be Jiya's favorite spot and she insists on putting anything that can serve as a headband to be used as just that - here with the nylon covering that comes with some fruits.
Vansh snuggles up with dada at India Gate lawns
He gives us some rare moments of peace in the house when he sits down with his Legos and actually does a good job creating things with them - a ship here.
Jiya uses her new potty seat as a means of transporting every possible thing in the house from one spot to another and as a result creating a mad house in the morning with people getting ready for office scurrying around the house trying to find their comb and cream and the likes.


Sumana said...

That was a lovely update Neera.

Swati said...

Lovely lovely pics of happy kids :)

You cannot let the little girl broom the house ..child labour is punishable ..okay ;-)

Suma said...

ohmy, she's growing too fast...where's the baby gone? :)

so you all settled down, has vansh got into a school?

lol at the peeing antics..I think boys esp are delighted that they can pee far...;)

and did they enjoy the deer and the peacocks at deer park? I used to live close by

Preethi said...

Lovely pics.. that was an awesome ship.. So Vansh is attending preschool there? loving it?

PG said...

ha ha ha!! Too funny, his peeing methods and singing the FM radio ad, I assume. It reminded me I heard Rishab do that too once.
A lovely update on the kids!
LOved the photos! I think Jhadoo was my favorite too as a kid.

Neera said...

Sumana: I am glad u liked it :)

Swati: LOL and now the elder one moves ard with a pocha in his hand after deliberately dropping water here and there

Suma: Vansh has been going to a preschool since Jan. This is his last week before he starts nursery in a proper big scl starting April.
And wow u lived close to Deer pArk - the kids loved the deer and the peacocks and Vansh has ben asking us to take him to see tyhem again. Some time back they had a great time chasing ducks at Buddha Jayanti - love Delhi for its huge parks now more than ever.

Preethi: Well he did miss his preschool back in the US and his teachers esp a lot in the beginning. He took its name whenever someone asked him which scl he goes to but now remebers it fondly. He does like going to this one now but says he'll return to that once he finishes scl and college here :)

PG: :) Its heartening to see how simple everyday objects make perfect playthings for the kids.