Friday, December 19, 2008

From the other side

First of all I have to thank you, my blogging friends for your good
wishes on our move back and I apologise for not being able to reply to
each one of you personally. But I do appreciate them all. Getting
settled, erring internet connections at times and big and little
things taking up my attention and energy is what preventd me from
doing so. I have been missing reading blogs and generally having some
time to myself for reading and writing but am giving us time to settle
down .

Its a strange kind of feeling as I visit my parents to stay with them
for few days before settling down into everyday life once Ashwini
reaches, starts office, Vansh starts school and we begin a new chapter
in life here. I see some small changes here and there, some parks
better kept, few new houses, few others with their look changed but
for the major part everything's still the same, the same cars parked
at the same spots around the park right in front, even the same
familiar number plates which one doesn't actually remember but
suddenly recognises with a flash the moment one spots them, the same
people walking with the same gaits I remember and associate them with.
Even at home I know exactly where anything is kept. I still grope in
the dark for the hair drier on the second last shelf in my mother's
cupboard and find it there, the same cups line the utensils rack in
the kitchen - it seems like I was here just a week back and nothing
has changed in the past week. Until I look at my children running
around the house, one after the other or down on all fours driving a
truck or a plane. And its then that I realise that what seems like
just a blink of an eye has actually been 5 long years. Life is indeed
strange when it strikes you like that.

children are having a ball. Its the best vacation time for them -
spending time with both set of grandparents, going out to parks,
watching TV, they are loving it all. For the first few days Vansh
remembered his teachers at preschool and our neighbors saying that Ms
Debra or Lopa aunty would be missing Vansh. Thereafter he does remeber
them off and on when he spots a phone a particular friend of ours had
or when he sees a cartoon character whose shirt his friend wore. Just
this past weekend he suddenly felt a strong urge to go back when he
chatted with his dad and saw him in our apartment there on the webcam.
He said he wanted to go there and play with papa and have chalupa at
Taco Bell. But when he realized that he would have to leave India and
go to US for that, he preferred waiting for his dad to come here.
Jiya is learning to say new words and imitate many new actions these
days. She goes "Thatam" for Khatam after she finishes something in her
mouth. When we ask her "Jiya ne kya khaya", she goes "Popcom" for
Popcorn. When we ask her "Nana kaise karte hain?", she lifts her index
finger, nods here head from side to side and says "No no no no no!" in
a sing song way. She is living up to her title of drama queen to the
tee. She cries loudly one minute and then if we say something to her
liking like mentioning going out for a walk, she immediately starts
laughing out loud.

Vansh is much better socially this time round than the last time we
visited 8 months back. At that time he refused to talk with anyone
else outside his circle of trust of 6-7 people and actually roared and
shouted if someone tried to come too close. Now he is socialy polite
with everyone and exchanges niceties when spoken to :) He still
prefers spending time with his entrusted circle consisting of our
immediate families and few cousins.

Both the kids absolutely love going to the park and the weather being
too good at this time of the year, late mornings to early evenings is
the best time to go. The past weekend we went to a birthday party at
Deer Park, a huge park in Hauz Khas where deer and peacocks roam
around in a pretty big enclosure. Both the kids were delighted to see
them and wanted to get as close as possible to them. Vansh even fed a
few whole peas to the deer and was in utter awe of the brown speckled
creatures and narrated the incident to everyone who cared to listen.
When with other children, he now leaves my side, unlike last time, and
runs and plays aroubd with them. However one hitting or bullying
incident among other kids is right now enough to woo him away and back
by my side for a long time. He then prefers and in fact takes delight
in chasing squirrels and pigeons and keeps asking me why he is not
able to touch them. Jiya follows him around as if he is her hero. Each
and every single action is viewed with awe and attempted to be
reproduced by her. I have close to 10 pictures where both of them are
doing the exact same thing and I'll post them pretty soon.
I am knee deep into Vansh's admission process into a proper school
this year and the situation is nightmarish to say the least. So its
getting forms, filling forms, making calls, following the school's
websites, preparing for interactions, communicating with other
aspiring parents hoping for a bright future for their little ones.
Wish us luck on this one.

So its me signing off now, not sure when I'll write again. But wishing
each one of you and your family a wonderful holiday season, a very
Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year 2009. Hope it brings much good
luck, great health and many many delightful moments for you to spend
and cherish.


Preethi said...

lovely updates.. was imagining Jiya and her nonono antics!! cute!! pic update needed!! you guys have a lovely holiday season!

noon said...

Gosh - why does my comment keep getting cut off as I type it! HOpe this one goes through!

It's great to read this post...I can't believe you are actually in India!!! Even though you have written about it - I still feel like asking - HOW does it feel?!
I feel so wistful when I read about how you can recognize license plates and can find the hair dryer in the dark etc...what a wonderful feeling of home. Mine was lost a long long time ago. Change is my home! Knock on wood - it's great to see you be back home and feel it in spirit...
Hope Vansh's admission works out - God - I don't think people stress out for Harvard as much as preschool admissions in Delhi! I am glad I am not there! :)

Swati said...

Coool you are back..that was a real nostalgic account. Loved to hear abt Jiya.

Mimi said...

Heyy..thanx for the update.I was thinking of you guys,over the weekend and wondering how you were doing.
Jiya,seems to be growing up so fast..I think kids pick up a lot,when they are around family.
So sweet Vansh,decided to wait for Papa.
Hugs..and keep blogging.:)

Sumana said...

Nice to hear about the updates neera. It has been 8 months that we are back and i can see what you are going thru. Wish you and family a very happy new year.

PG said...

so good to see you back. Haven't managed to red this post yet. I guess for that I'll have to wait a while. Just quickly: there is something waiting for you at my blog

PG said...

a wonderful post. I read each and every line carefully! :)
So good to know that the children are feeling at home there. But, I can very well understand it as that is how Rishab was when he went to india for the first time.
Wish you good luck with the admissions!

noon said...

Awarded Neera...

Monika said...

ohhhhhh lovely updates... welcome back to india

dipali said...

Been missing you, Neera. Please mail me your number- would love to talk to you now that you are back in 'desh'!

Neera said...

Preethi - Thank u dear for ur wishes. Pic update very soon :)

noonoo : been missing u and KB and KG. We are still settling in - its still like an extended vacation and the kids are so happy spending time with both set of grandparents with nothing close to what can be called a routine :)
Loved ur comment as always and feel like reaching otu and giving u a hug. Thaks so much for the lovely award.

Swati - Thank u dear :) I think u asked in the comment to the last post where we are located - Delhi it is :)

Mimi - Thanks for keeping us in ur thoughts. Feels so nice :)So true abt kids picking up things so fast - Jiya is on a roll these days.

Sumana - I think I haven't even welcomed u to my blog. Warm welcome and thanks so much for dropping by. Would love to read ur account of ur life here after the US. Hope I get better at managing time soon :)

PG - Thanks much PG for the warm comment and the lovely award and the good wishes. I am touched :)Our kids do feel so good here after the relatively quiet life there. Though for the last week or so Vansh has been missing US and asking us to take him back there. I guess its his school and activities that he misses that we are planning on starting soon after the Christmas/winter holidays.

Monika - Thank u Monika :)

Dipali - Thanks much for thinking of me Dipali, mailed u. Talk to u soon :)

Mama - Mia said...

so good to hear from you!

its awesome that kids are having such a ball! EvenCubby has started off with his baby talk and says Khamta for khatam! :p

Jiya sounds so so cute! and vansh all grown up! hope the admission happens without too much more trouble!

happy new year and have a super time!



Leonny said...

Hi Neera!

How are you?

And wow ... how the kids have grown!! :)

Anyway, I wanna wish you and your family a new year filled with all the great things you guys deserve ...



Suma said...

that's a lovely update....

i hope things work out well on te school front and you guys settle in fast...

all the best!